Friday, November 14, 2008

McCall's 5662 - diy style

I'd seen a positive review of this top by Erica B, so I gave it a shot using this knit I purchased through the co-op. If you love the fabric, it's also available for sale at Gorgeous Fabrics.
The print makes it hard to see the details, so here are the features of the top.

1. V-neck overlap
2. Small gathers right and left of center front, both above and below the fitted mid-section.
3. 3/4 kimono sleeves gathered into cuffs.
4. The "V" has good coverage (i.e. no camisole required, in my opinion).

It's comfortable without being dowdy (my dressform isn't doing a great job of selling that point, is she?) and I love that I will be able to wear it with black, brown and white (after Memorial Day, of course!).

The only alteration I made was to take in the mid-section and additional inch on right and left sides, as the fabric was stretching too much. Not only was it too big in the waist, but there was no need for gathers!

This is a close-up of the mid-section, so you can (kind of) see the small gathers left/right, above/below the fitted waistband.

The back is full coverage, no gathers anywhere. Other versions in this pattern have more open backs, and I will definitely use this pattern again in the summer!

I might still shorten it, but need to try it on with skirts and pants before I decide.

Here's my review on PR.


Amanda S. said...

This is so cute! I love the fabric as well. Great job!

Bonnie D. said...

Your cooking analogy is dead on. i often experience the same thing with both cooking and sewing. Especially with something very detailed like your gorgeous copper dress.

And you did exactly what I would do. Move on to a speedy knit. Immediate gratification. LOL

Bunny said...

The cooking analogy hits the button for me, too. Love to cook, love to sew, and this happens to me.

This is one cute top. I really like the cut from the back. It gives some nice shape.

Lindsay T said...

Ditto what the others said: very cute top! Bet it's really cute on you.

Salinda said...

.hey! I've been reading your blog through google reader and i haven't noticed your background change until now. very cute!

Adrienne said...

Very cute! I love that fabric!

Susan said...

Great fabric choice. That came out really nice!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful top! I am going to have to buy that pattern! Congratulations on winning The Hem Line giveaway!

Anonymous said...

very cute top! often i go to an easy, gratifying project--it renews me!or at least, renews my faith in my sewing ability!

Dawn said...

Hey. Did you change your blog background and details? It looks snazzy. :)