Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yabba Dabba... Happy Halloween!

Project Runway: The Halloween Challenge
Heidi Klum: "Tonite you and your hubby will be attending a costume party. You have 1 hour and only the supplies you can find in your sewing space to complete coordinating outfits."

Tim Gunn: "There will be no sketching time or trip to Mood, and if you don't complete the challenge within the time allowed, you'll either attend the party in a lame "student work" costume or go without, and be eliminated from future Halloween party guest lists."

Me (from the depths of the closet): "Red Wings fan? Baseball Player?"
DH: "No. Don't have the pants."
Me: "Tourist? Cowboy?"
DH: "Boring. Even more boring."
Me: "Well, you're up a creek. I'm gonna use my cavegirl fur dress..."
DH: "SoAndSo said if you wear that, I should be Barney Rubble."
Me: (Lightbulb) "Ok, Barney. I can do that. I've got brown fabric downstairs..."

(15 minutes later)

DH: "Well, this looks good, I'm definitely Barney. But Betty didn't wear leopard print, she wore a blue dress."
Me: "Hmph. Ok, I'm headed back downstairs..."

(45 minutes later)

Little Miss Princess: "So... your a cave girl in a blue dress?
Me: "There was a cartoon... called the Flintstones... oh, never mind..."
Well, I don't have a full-length shot of us, but you don't need one. At the knees, we just took turns cutting triangles from each others hem lines. I made a big bow for my head from the triangles, and we wore sandals. Here's a different shot, you can see my bow.
You can also see that I am having way too much fun (fun = drinks), and will strongly regret my actions in the morning! But, I "Made it Work" and our friends loved our costumes! We are now headed out to take Spiderman and a Princess trick or treating, so hope you all get more treats than tricks!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I'm glad that you had such a good time! And I'm loving the costumes!!!

KID, MD said...

Nice work!! You two look adorable.

judy said...

Very cute...I love it! What is happening to our youth...don't know the flintstones! :)

Bunny said...

Great solution to the couples costume dilemma. You both look darling.

Amanda S. said...

Great costumes! I won't even begin to tell you our find-a-costume-for-the-costume-party troubles. Let's just say that hubby is VERY type-A and wanted everything authentic - the exact right shade of pants, etc. He totally sucked the fun out of last minute costuming and we ended up in a fight and didn't go. But now I know for next year so we can start planning 6 months out... Looks like you had fun!

julia said...

Great last minute costumes!!! I made Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles costumes for one of my daughters and her husband and daughter last year. They got their picture in the paper. Pretty cool.

Pammie said...

I love it - you are my hero. I spent all week on these Costumes, and I have to second what Amanda wrote- J. made it very stressful - refusing to participate in pinnings - then griping about the authenticity - I'm glad I'm done - but I envy your happy and successful approach!!

Dana said...

Hmmmmm, spiderman and a princess, sounds very familiar (like for the past FOUR years at our house)...Great post and great last-minute costumes!

Lisa said...

Great look! I saw Fred last night. He was getting gasoline. Apprently Fred has upgraded his vehicle.

Linda said...

Love the costumes!

Summerset said...

Congratulations, your scores have qualified you for the next challenge. You may leave the runway.

Seriously, you did a fabulous job and you both look great!

Dawn said...

Heee, heeee. You DO look like you are having lots of fun.

Marybeth said...

How cute! My family could be the Rubbles - my son is unusually strong, and my mother always called him Bam Bam. But my husband looks more like Fred than Barney... Well, I'll have to ponder on that and try for next year... Sounds like you had fun!

meredithp said...

And what's funny is there were some very Wilma-like designs on PR this year. Yours was more appropriate. Congrats on the quick challenge.