Thursday, January 14, 2010


When I started this blog in July 2007, I never guessed that over 100 people would check in to see what my latest sewing project is.  In the last 2 1/2 years, I've learned so much from sharing my frustrations and successes, from your honest feedback and cheers of support.  If you've ever taken a moment to post a comment, thank you.  If you've ever taken a couple minutes to send me an email, thank you.  And if we've actually met, isn't this so much fun???

Since this is a celebration of my "followers", I want to know, "Who would you follow anywhere?"  It can be silly, serious, or sewing related.  You must leave your response as a comment on this post by midnight on Sunday, January 17 (my 36th birthday) to be eligible for the giveaway!  If you don't have a blog I can trace your comment back to, please include your email so I can tell you if you're the winner!  Winner of what?  The randomly selected winner will have their choice of 2 patterns and 2 fabrics, shown below.  You can make your picks when I contact you, if you've won!

7 Patterns to pick from in various sizes...

Butterick 4723, sizes 16-22
McCalls 5630, sizes 8 - 14
Simplicity 3750, sizes 8-16
Simplicity 3754, sizes 12-20
Simplicity 3797, 6-14
Vogue P948, sizes 14-18
Vogue 8419, sizes 14 - 20

7 Fabrics (all 58" wide, 2 yards long)
Blue Cotton Eyelet, mottled like a tie-dye

Silky Black/Green print (blend)

Silky Navy and Cream stripe (blend)

Black Linen Blend, crinkle/gauze feel

Grey Striped Suiting

Black/Grey/Pink Suiting (small plaid)

Brown/Burgundy/Gold Striped Wool (*1.5 yards, not 2)

So, thanks again for all your kindness and friendship!
Now, "Who would you follow anywhere???  Here are mine...
Seriously: My husband and kids, I am blessed with a wonderful family.
Silly: Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum
Sewing: Susan Khalje, Sandra Betzina, Kenneth King


Sewfast said...

Happy 36th birthday Kristine (a little early because I'd rather be early than late). Seriously I would (and do) follow my husband and daughter anywhere. They sustain me and keep me sane!

Bridget said...

Happy soon to be birthday! Thanks for doing this, I love following your blog, it's just so inspirational. I have to say I do follow my boyfriend anywhere (all over the south of England so far) and also my sister, we don't live in the same country at the moment but every chance we get to meet up is always great (for a few days anyway, we are sisters after all!). Also if Robert Downey Jr asked me to follow him somewhere I'd have trouble saying no.

KID, MD said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on getting to 100! What a fun giveaway! Who would I follow? I'm going to split it up like you did - Seriously - my Savior and my family (who are hopefully on the same path), Silly - Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, Sewing - Sandra Betzina!

alethia said...

Happy birthday, My hubby's birthdate is January 16. We met last summer in NY city. What a great time we had. I will follow my husband and my children. Of course I will follow book stores anywhere if they were to leave the planet earth!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday! I found your blog though other sewing blogs and have been following you for a couple of months. I'm trying to get back into sewing and am finding your blog very inspirational.

BTW, I would love to see how the clothes for your daughter's Julie turned out. I always loved American Girl dolls growing up and have made clothes for them myself.

Patty said...

Hi giveawat!
Like you, I would follow my family anywhere....can't imagine life without them!

mjb said...

I'd follow my husband anywhere - and on a daily basis I follow my puppy all the time!

Christine said...

Happy birthday!

I'd follow my husband anywhere, and when he was unemployed I told him so. We almost moved half way around the world, but instead moved 2 hours.

Sew Wilde said...

Happy Birthday!!! Mine is the 27th! I would follow my husband anywhere.


julia said...

Happy Birthday. Who would I follow anywhere. If I didn't have three daughters who all live in different states, I'd follow them. Instead I stay where I am and just go to them and back home. I guess I'd follow my husband anywhere if he ever went anywhere that I wasn't already going anyway. I will just stick to following my dreams!
Congrats on having over 100 followers. You don't need to include me in your giveaway. I don't sew for myself anyway, only for my little ones.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday! Cool giveaway. I find your blog very interesting. I will follow my boyfriend who is now my husband anywhere. We have lived in Malaysia, England and USA and have explore many other countries together. I think I will be lost without him.

Sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

If this is open to folks in Canada, I'm in!

I would go with my husband anywhere.
I would follow Trena the Slapdash Sewist and Dawn at Two On Two Off on any and all of their sewing adventures and hopefully I will be able to meet them one day.

Pixie said...

this is gonna bug me all day now! I guess I'd follow my sons anywhere, but would they want me to? I first thought of my lovely boss, in a leadership sense, I'll go where he's going, but there'll be some debate along the way! sewing Sandra Betzina, silly....umm, the cat. where does the cat go all day??? If you draw me out, draw again! you don't need to pay postage to NZ. thanks for the thought provoking question.

Linda said...

Well Happy Birthday a day or two ahead of time. My B'day is January 19 and I wish my age was going to be much closer to yours than it will be. But to answer the question, I would follow my husband anywhere. Interestingly it has been me that has moved us all over the US and he came with me, so I would gladly return that favor.

ClaireOKC said...

Happy B-day and congratulations on your following...What a great question...following: Hmmmmm - Probably my God, and then my dreams - which sounds selfish, but they are creative and it's more my creative endeavors that I would follow.

Ruta said...

Seriously first of all my husband, children has to follow the parents, I guess (when they are enough grown up to find their own direction).
Silly? Many writers and musicians... in dreams. And "my people" from Estonia (where I`m from), this continuously via internet-Skype-papers-TV-phone.
Sewing:many wonderful blogs. Yours included.

Have A Very Nice Day! Congratulations!

sewingmama said...

Happy 36th Birthday!I turned 45 on January 6th. I have followed my husband around the world. He is retired from the military. I would follow my children if they needed me or really wanted me to be close to them once they are grown.

Faye Lewis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I need to do a much better job of following Jesus this year. You have a great blog!

kanishk said...

Happy B-day and congratulations on your following...What a great question.

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Imaan said...

Happy Birthday in advance Kristine. Are you Dawn's nanny to Hawaii????
Who would I follow anywhere?
seriously: my husband and kids; they give my life meaning
silly: I don't know!
Sewing: Sandra Betzina.

sewsue said...

Happy birthday from one sewing math teacher to another! Seriously I would follow my husband of almost 30 years, for fun I would follow Route 66 across the country, and for sewing...Madeleine Vionnet(time travel would be necessary for this one!)