Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Costume Wish #1

I love when new catalogs come to the house, as it keeps both the kids busy with excited conversation and comments like, "Ooh, that's awesome!"  But, I also hear, "Moooooooommm, can I have that? How about that? I really like that!"

Little Miss Princess found this costume, and asked, "Mom, can you make me that for Halloween?"
Maid Marian Dress... $78

Maid Marian Cloak... $78

Maid Marian Headpiece... $20

The catalog is "Chasing Fireflies" and the website is
They do carry very cute and unique childrens items, but I've never ordered from them. Just copied ;)
For $176 (plus shipping), I think I can find the time (I have more than 2 months) and energy to make my own version, for a fraction of the cost!

Have your kids started talking Halloween yet?


meredithp said...

I'm not a parent, but I've heard tell that little princes and princesses change their minds (several times) before the event. :-) Or maybe that's just my nephews, who changed their minds about lunch, right after it was made. :-) I'm sure you can do a beautiful Maid Marian, and I can't wait!

Summerset said...

LOL. I'm pretty certain that could be made for much less than the retail price. That is, if she doesn't change her mind.

Mary said...

I have saved sooooo much money by being childless! I know you can make a beautiful Maid Marian costume for your daughter for far less.

KID, MD said...

I KNOW Simplicity makes a child's pattern for a dress nearly like that one - check out 5520. 2505 would do the cloak. I love Simplicity for costumes. They are actually well made and well drafted - not the typical crap that you see for costumes. Myra's costume (Red Riding Hood - It's nice when they're too young to choose) is in process, but I have no idea what Logan wants, and at age 4, they really do change minds every week. He may get store bought. Perish the thought!

Shellie said...

Isn't that just like a girl??? I have mine look through the pattern books each fall and she ALWAYS picks the most challenging. This year, it's Simplicity 3626. Go ahead -- take a look! LOL

Great blog! look forward to following along.


Lisa said...

I haven't started a costume but did buy some Halloween fabric and am currently cutting out a dress for my niece. The last costume that I made was the Halloween after our trip to Disney. My daughter fell in love with the one shoulder Pocohontas dress. I drafted my own pattern and bought fabric and beading. She had the best costume at our church (in my humble opinion)!!! said...

We have one rule this year: the costumes must be humans-in-clothes. Last year I concocted an R2D2. Not this year.

So far Lucy wants to be Bo Peep (from Toy Story, of course). The other two keep changing their minds.

But at our house talk of Halloween costumes begins mid-November.

Big in Japan said...

Catalogue shopping! My mom and I used to have so much fun looking through mail order catalogues, so thanks for bringing back a good memory!

Your daughter will probably love that costume so much, she'll want to keep wearing it on a regular basis. Just wait, your home will turn into a Ren Faire!

robin said...

That is going to be so cute!

amber said...

Oh, that will be beautiful!

Mo at Arann said...

Started talking about Halloween yet?! They have big plans to get me to make a boatload of Harry Potter costumes so they and their friends can dress like the entire cast. Thats what happens to those adorable children turn into teenagers and remember that mom can make things.

Bunny said...

No doubt you will whip this out and it will look even better than the catalogue. It would be fun to follow what it all ends up costing as well as the time involved. I would be serging this baby away, no couture here! Have fun!