Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project Plan: Leather/Knit Jacket

Awhile back I was gifted some wonderful leather deer hides from my sister. Her husband, an avid hunter, had planned on collecting enough to have his own jacket made, but changed his mind.  Lucky me, I was given a LARGE amount of FREE leather!
I've been thinking of making a leather/knit combo pullover, so at the Novi Expo I found the perfect knit to coordinate with the ivory/buff leather!  This was 1 of 3 fabrics I rewarded myself with for finishing the Passion for Fashion challenge!
I bought the McCalls 6614 pattern a few weeks ago with this plan, but as I dug for it last night, stumbled across this Vogue 8932 pattern that I bought at the same time.  Hmmm....

  I only bought a single yard of the sweater knit, since I was planning on a pullover.  I figured that was all that I would need for center front & back. I *love* the jacket pattern, and the style lines are perfect for leather.  It's the jacket pattern that I keep reaching for and drooling over, so my heart is strongly leaning that way. Like, 98% leaning that way!

So, I think I'll be cutting the pattern and making muslin this weekend to perfect the fit and help me decide what parts to cut out of the leather and what parts should be knit.  Knit sleeves for certain, and with all the seams on the back, I have more options for inserts, if I have enough fabric.  And if not... Haberman's is only a phone call and 45 minutes away! 
And one last apology for the "disappearing-reappearing comment box" issue. I think I've finally resolved in by reverting back to my old background and template! I'll admit it... I love the comments and feedback from all of you, and miss your voices terribly!

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