Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello, 2009!

The Oakland Press 1/1/09

In 2008, I'm most proud of these sewing accomplishments:
1. I copied a ready-to-wear formal gown successfully. In 2 weeks. Proud is an understatement.
2. I was introduced to BWOF, and made 7 garments from my subscription. 4 skirts, 1 top, 1 dress, and 1 pair of dress pants. I'm getting faster at tracing...
3. I sewed for my husband. It only took 14 years, but he has 2 new shirts, another almost done, and a pair of pants in the works.
4. Taught my daughter how to use my sewing machine. She's great at going slow, keeps the fabric straight, and takes the pins out. No cutting of patterns yet, but we'll get there! She is 5...
5. The embroidery business has finally established itself on a regular, steady pace. Although this is something that keeps me from my "fun" sewing, it also pays for my addiction, so I can't complain!
6. The friendships I've made through blogging! I'm grateful for my "sounding board" buddies and their support and feedback, not to mention the enjoyment I get from reading their blogs that inspire me and make me laugh.

In 2009, I'd like to:
1. Continue making formal wear for clients. I already have a deposit for a prom gown!
2. Try making bags/purses. I have a few patterns, just have to dig in. Why am I such a chicken when it comes to trying new things???
3. Buy less fabric. There, I've said it. In the process of re-organizing, I discovered that I really only need to buy fabric if I'm working for a client, copying a specific look, or completely out of a particular fabric (lining). I've also curbed my pattern shopping by tracing the original (especially for the kids), and I want to do more copying of RTW and try pattern drafting this year.
4. Fine tune my fitting skills and hand-stitching for a more professional and finished look.
5. Get better (faster) at updating my blog!

Simplicity 3668
Miss D wanted her Christmas dress to look just like Nina's from the children's show, "Imagination Movers". I used Simplicity 3668 (already in the stash), red stretch panne velvet from Jo-ann's, and striped grosgrain ribbon. The pattern actually called for a woven, but when I read a review that said the pattern runs a little small, I decided it would be okay for this knit faux velvet. I used the size 4 according to the measurements on the envelope, shortened the sleeves, skipped the elastic cuffs and skipped the zipper. Yes, I skipped the zipper. It slips over her head just fine, and the more I sew for her, the more I know how much she likes to get ready by herself. (I think I'll be finding more ways this year of altering the closures on the clothes I make for her.) The ribbon and bow in only seen in the front, stitched into the side/sleeve seams. It's hard to see in the picture, but there are some vertical pleats in the front, where the skirt attaches to the front bodice yoke. The pattern was easy to make, and I'm glad I traced off the original, as it will be used again, especially since there are pants, a shirt, a vest, and this dress as a jumper. I highly recommend this pattern.

Thanks to Summerset for her recommendation on the ribbon. Yes, it will also serve as her "Valentines" dress!


Dawn said...

Yeah for BWOF!!! And yeah for your business being able to pay for your obsession.

Summerset said...

You're welcome, it turned out very cute! That pattern is cute, too.

Bunny said...

Darling dress for your little one! Congrats on reaching those goals. You definitely have every right to be proud. I have made BWOF one of my goals too, so will be following your work closely.

Lindsay T said...

I'm impressed with all you've sewn from BWOF. I just started my subscription and hope I too can get my money's worth from it.