Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fishing is NOT for me!

Yesterday we returned home from 4 more days of camping. This time we stayed at Metamora-Hadley State Park, which is a whopping 15 minutes from home. You may wonder what the point of vacationing so close to home is, but it's a beautifully scenic park and our friends were also camping with their kids, so we knew we'd have a good time, regardless of the weather!
Being a Biology major (Math minor), I thought I had it in me to skewer a worm on a hook for my kids. Boy, was I wrong! I can pick one up, but when I had to stick a hook through it, the task was just too gross for me! Dawn, I know you're laughing your ass off at me... go ahead, I don't care! Thankfully, there were other moms there that were willing to pick up my slack! Didn't catch anything, but the kids had fun just casting out, and it was really nice just to spend quality time outside! Two sunny days at the beach, and one slightly rainy day when I cut out a paper pattern, but no other sewing activities were accomplished. I finished "Lean Mean Thirteen" in the Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter series by Janet Evanovich. I didn't know there were "Between the Numbers" books, so I have more books to read than I thought! I've read all but 2 of them on my Kindle, and absolutely love my electronic book reader. No one can fit 6 books in their purse at once, and I still have room for my next wireless download! If you like read on the go, while you wait in the carpool line, or during the train to work, you should really put this device on your next "Wish List". The price is currently $299, which is the lowest I've seen... (Sorry, I didn't mean to gush, but it is a really neat gadget!)

As for sewing...
1. I'm all registered for my classes at the American Sewing Expo at the end of September, here in Michigan. I was online and waiting at 9 am when registration opened, and got a spot in one of Sandra Betzina's classes! Wooo hoooo!!! I'll also spend an hour with Rosebud of Islander Sewing Systems (Techniques from the Pros) and another hour with a local sewing instructor learning how to work with formal fabrics. There is also supposed to be a Pattern Review member get-together Saturday evening that should be fun. I'm still waiting for my bamboo knit to make my Pattern Review contest entry, but have until Aug. 15 to enter. Oh wait, that's just 2 weeks away!!!
2. The Twirly Dress is the next project (all cut, ready to sew), followed by the pleated top and a coral linen dress to go with/under it. I've had the linen for a year, and it matches the pleated fabric perfectly. I was debating about making linen pants instead, but decided the dress will also serve as the necessary "camisole". and will coordinate with another jacket fabric on the "to-do" list!
I'd better get moving, if I want to get these done by the end of this week!

Happy sewing, everyone!!! (Oh, and don't mind those "Back to School" signs and sales everywhere, it's just a hallucination brought on by crummy summer weather... Summer just started, right?!


Sewfast said...

I laughed at your worm dilemma! Our daughter has been forced to fish all her life (she's 27) and I still have to bait her hook!!! She loves to catch them...just not impale the worms to do it! I'm so happy (translation "jealous") that you are going to some great classes at the sewing expo! Can't wait for you to share everything you learn!!!

Dawn said...

Yea, I was laughing. Funny this is, we use salmon eggs or dead herring as bait so I never have to skewer anything that moving.

Bunny said...

What a lovely spot! Lovely is lovely whether near or far. Glad you had such fun.

gwensews said...

I live on the water. I mean-our home has water on two sides. Fish--yep. Worms--no! Hate threading them onto a hook.