Sunday, October 3, 2010

Goin' Green

I don't wear much green, but that's all I'm sewing this week!

Yesterday I whipped up Simplicity 2549 (view A) for my MIL.  I won the MIL lottery, and am happy to sew for her! She's just 2 miles away, and takes the kids whenever we ask, so I owe her big time.  She asked for a couple of dresses that would work for lots of occasions, and this pattern fit the shape she wanted (fitted below bust with a-line skirt).  The lower right picture is the one she picked.

I used a beautiful silk/wool that I found at the Expo for her.  Dark teal (not quite hunter green), with the perfect weight for fall/winter (much like a crepe).  "Fine European Textiles" (from Toronto) is at the Expo every year and have the most wonderful suitings and shirtings.  Expensive, yes.  Worth it, yes!  I took the last 2 3/4 yds (60" wide) they had, and ended up with about 1/3 yd left over. No lining, just neckline facings.

It went together very quickly and easily.  I cut it out Friday night, and she took it home with her at 4pm Saturday.  The fit was good, and she was very happy with it.  Gathered sleeves are so much easier to set! I'm eager to see pictures of her all dolled up with hair and makeup (they were headed to a party last night)!  I highly recommend this pattern, and it also has slim skirt if you prefer that style.

My only issue was "petiting the pattern" for her 4'10" frame, but even that wasn't too challenging.  I used the tutorial that Bunny has on her blog, and folded out 1/2" on the bodice front, back, and sleeve.  I hemmed up 2" instead of 1 1/2", and it really looked perfect on her.  When I get the pics, I'll post them!  I should've taken pics during construction, but it was going together so well, I didn't really think of it!

The next green project is Little Miss Princess's Halloween costume.  Maid Marian, remember?
I'm using Simplicity 5520 for the dress (view B, top left) and Simplicity 5512 for the cloak (view A).  I got all the fabric at Joann's, along with miles of gold trim and some faux fur to trim the cloak.  No fur on the dress, and the front tulle piece will be separate, and tied on (like an apron) with wide gold trim.
The faux fur has a super long nap, and reminds the kids of Grandma & Grandpa's old Golden Retriever!  Regardless, the materials cost considerably less than the catalog price tag, so I'm happy.  I'm sure she will be, too!


meredithp said...

Can't wait to see pics of MIL's dress. I know you know how lucky you are in that department. Some of us are not, especially in the relative department :-)

Wow, that costume looks complicated, but Mom is up to the task!

gwensews said...

You are so good to sew for your MIL. I'd rather cut off my arm! Your little girl is indeed a Princess in that adorable costume!

Michelle said...

What a nice thing to do!! I tried sewing with my MIL once....but she just wouldn't fit under the presser foot!!!

I LOVE the dress that you are making for the little one. My niece wants to be a belly dancer for halloween. She is pouting and told me I ruined her life. (apparently being a part-time parent gets you just as much sass as the full-time ones!)

KID, MD said...

How awesome that you made that for your MIL! I have a great one too, who is petite and has trouble finding clothes, but it never even occurred to me. Maybe when they're here for Christmas.
I can't wait to see the costume. The fur is totally going to make the look.

Shellie said...

good luck with your costume. I've officially started my Halloween sewing, too :) can't wait to see!

Big in Japan said...

Sewing for in-laws and Halloween costumes?! Trip to the karma bank!

Bunny said...

I am glad MIL's dress worked out so well. You are blessed to have a good one, believe me! That is some out fit for little Miss Maid Marian. I know you will do it justice.

Gail said...

You are lucky. I never had a MIL as my husband's mother died when he was only 13. I shared my sister in law's mother when she was alive, but its not the same.

meredithp said...

I enjoyed seeing your sewing room again on Blue Gardenia.

amber said...

My MIL is a sweetheart, too. It's always nice to hear that not everyone got stuck with a crazy. ;) I'm so excited to the costume for the little miss!