Friday, August 30, 2013

Bridal Bling

Where does one find beaded bridal appliques?
The wedding dress applique I'm trying to match.
Well, I started at Haberman Fabrics, my favorite (kind of) local fabric store with the most amazing bridal fabric boutique you've ever seen.

So, they had a number of appliques for sale...


None of which were a "match" for the appliques on the dress itself. Not a problem. I had a few other options...

I could remove the existing appliques, placing new ones in their spots and adding more new ones like the bride wanted. At $12-$15 per applique, that's just under $200 and all the bling would match!

Or... Haberman's had the most amazing lace with these metallic floral motifs. I *could* use glue or heat and bling them up myself, and create my own appliques. I like this because this lace was a very close match to the existing appliques, but... it would take me a long time to bling up 6 motifs, cut them out and then attach them. I've got the heat-fixing tool for the job, and can order crystals and pearls online.

Haberman's also had some gorgeous trims that I could cut apart to create appliques. Again, no exact match, but some really beautiful possibilities!

I searched the internet for more appliques, and found a few, but nothing that came very close.
Lace & Co. $40 for the pair

Shine Trim, $25 each

I've given the bride all of this information to consider, and we'll see what she comes up with. In my professional opinion, I think it would be best to remove the existing appliques (there are only 6), purchase a dozen new ones, and attach them over the old spaces and fill in the empty spots.

If any of you have thoughts on resources I haven't considered, please leave a comment!


annie said...


Susan said...

I would use the ones KK100 that were the fourth one you loaded. It looks like it has similar stones, and would coordinate vs. match. I think the dress will look like it was a deliberate decision, depending upon where you put them, vs. not a match. Good luck!

sewingkm said...

Your extensive research has given the bride lots of good choices. Good job!


RebeccaHoward said...

Maybe you should carefully remove one before you go to the expense of buying new ones just to check it doesn't leave any tricky marks underneath that you will need to cover?

Alex Carr said...

Smart move.

7 Seven said...

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