Saturday, August 24, 2013

Good Things Happen in Threes

I'm still plugging away on the Chanel jacket (I forgot how much detail work these things have), but in the mean while, I've got a few things to share with you...

1. Beautiful Fabric. No... that's an understatement!!!
The most stunning and breath-taking silks arrived in my mailbox this week, and I didn't order them. I didn't pay for them. I do get to cut and sew them, but I don't get to keep them!?

My cousin in California messaged me that she was gifted 3 pieces of silk. Her friend went to Dubai and brought her back some beautiful fabric, but... my cousin doesn't sew. She wanted to know what could be done with these pieces, considering their length. .

Black Floral Striped Chiffon/Silk: 1.3 yards, 45" wide
Turquoise Solid (feels like 4-ply silk): 1.5 yards, 45" wide
Turquoise Floral Paisley Chiffon: 2.2 yards, 45" wide

I'll likely be making up a couple of tops and a skirt, but we'll see. If you have any pattern recommendations, feel free to share! The best part of this project is that there's no deadline and no rush, so I can really find the right patterns and techniques to do these gorgeous silks justice!

2. Two and a Half Wedding Dresses
I've been hired by a friend of my husband's to make both her and her partner's wedding dresses for their ceremony in January. We've been sharing emails and pictures of dresses back and forth via email, and it looks like I'm ready to order fabric and start sewing. They are more casual dresses, as it's a small beach wedding. They like these Simplicity dresses, and chose a watercolor/tie-dye kind of print in white/blue/green.

Additionally, I got a call to do some alterations for a local bride. This is the wedding gown that was brought to me yesterday. The bride got a great deal on the dress but, it requires some changes to become her "dream dress".
-Create a sweetheart neckline
-Take in the bodice
-Remove the back zipper and create a corset opening
-Remove the back "loop" of the top black bow
-Add more "blingy" appliques
-Modify the skirt to be less "bubbly" and more "puckered", like the pic below

The wedding is in May, so again, I'm so lucky to have plenty of time to do the job right. And, yes, her alterations budget is appropriate for the time required to make the necessary changes!

Last month I joined Carolyn in a "fabric diet". I decided that for every 10 yards stitched or sold, I would allow myself a 2 yard purchase. Well, I've sold 9 yards and, with the completion of these 2 pieces, I've stitched 11 yards of stash! So proud of myself!  I haven't blogged everything I've made, as some of it is pretty boring, but I'll share these pieces that I made for a friend. She is an amazing hair stylist, and keeps me blonde and beautiful in exchange for a couple of handmade garments.
I've gotten to know her taste and color preferences, and have her measurements pretty much memorized. This top (Simplicity 4020 OOP) and pullover vest (Vogue 8854) are the latest "payments" for my cut & color, I knocked them both out on Thursday, and she loves them. After my hair appointment, I swung over to Haberman's and had such a hard time choosing a single fabric to take home! I settled on this green rayon print. It feels like silk, and will be a new addition to my wardrobe (I don't own anything green)! I'm think either a long swishy skirt (to be worn with black boots), or a knee-length dress.

When the first ten yards were gone, I had ordered a couple yards of this beautiful navy lace from Cali Fabrics.

It will likely become a simple pencil skirt, but I also spied this dress on the Ann Taylor website that has me intrigued...
Judging from Topics 1 & 2, I'll need to set aside a little bit of "me time" to sew this lovely fabric up, and finish my Chanel jacket! I'll do my best to keep you updated on the progress of these projects, but at least now if I go MIA, you'll know why! ;)


JoanneM said...
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JoanneM said...

This new comment format has my eyes twitching!

Anyway-great silks you deserve them!

KathleenS said...

I'm glad you're being paid appropriately for the bridal alterations, but I must say I think the bride should have either bought a different dress or got a dressmaker to make what she actually wanted.

Bunny said...

I can't seem to be the first to comment. I must be looking in the wrong place. What am I doing wrong?

You have one full plate for this winter. I am glad you are getting paid appropriately for the bridal work. It never ceases to amaze me how someone will buy "a deal" and then want it totally reworked. Why not just buy or have made the right dress to begin with? I guess it works for today's bridezillas. Good luck wit that one, Kristine.

I sure could use a hairdresser like yours. I would love to sew for someone like that.

As far as the EXQUISITE fabrics you have to work on, I can definitely see some sort of ensemble for the last chiffon silk and the four ply. Maybe a pencil skirt and a wing-y type silk chiffon top? For the black stripe I can see some really nice lingerie.

Lori said...

I admire your wedding dress skills. Also, fabulous hair stylist, what a great way to trade, you hair looks fabulous and she is quite stylish in her fashions. I love the silks your received, the fabric you purchases. The lace is amazing.

Zoë said...

The wedding dress sounds like it will be amazing after all those alterations! The silks and lace are so lovely and I think for your green rayon, it would be really nice as a knee length dress :) I would make a dress out of some of the silk as I never require much yardage as I wear short dresses.

Kristine said...

Great idea, Bunny! I never thought of lingerie!!!

Kristine said...

I agree. It's such a small print... I'm thinking of using a Simplicy "Project Runway" pattern (2360, OOP) in my stash that is shown in a drapey, small print!

Bunny said...

Black silk chiffon? What else would you think of? ;)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Uggg I hate your comment box cause I can only comment through blog lovin'. Anyway, the Ann Taylor dress is on my fall sewing list too. I have the perfect fabric for it in the collection. I'm with Bunny on the wedding dress, I don't understand buying a dress that you only half like. It would have been easier to have it made.

I'm doing okay with the non fabric buying too. But my biggest source of fabric reduction has been the giveaway. As each week progresses it gets easier NOT to buy fabric. I have hopes that it will be enough to get the bins out of the garage.

Kristine said...

I'm so sorry about the comment box! I tried to make my blog a little prettier and it's been all messed up ever since! :(
I agree, it is getting easier not to buy fabric, and I'm really enjoying finally turning "old treasures" into "new garments" in the stash!

Anna Christina said...

The silks are really beautiful. Maybe you can tell your cousin about your hairdresser and get her to let you keep one in exchange for your skills.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the wedding dress will be awesome! Maybe she just got tired of looking and said thats close enough with talented seamstress :). The Ann Taylor dress is lovely inspiration.