Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd & 3rd Wardrobe Pieces

June BWOF #105

I've had this fabric in my stash for about 4 years, I picked it up from JoAnn's and have been waiting for the perfect shirt pattern. It's got a little stretch to it, so I should have cut a size smaller, but there's nothing saying I can't take in the sides.

I skipped the waist tie, as the loop looked weird, and I'll just use a belt instead, as shown here. Also, I used the shoulder pleat from view B, to give a more fitted sleeve appearance, and used buttons instead of snaps.

It may be hard to see in this photo, but the side seams have 5 inches of gathering on both the front and the back, so that part was a bit tricky, but the ruching is a nice touch. I absolutely love the way the stripes appear to change direction below the waist, and like to think this has a slimming effect. It does, doesn't it? Yes, definitely a slimming effect....

Here is view of the back, tucked in. Again, you can see the stripes angling below the waist.

I used the provided instructions, as it was the "Sewing Course" for the month, and the instructions were pretty clear, including the collar and collar band. If you've never worked with BWOF before, this is where I recommend you pay close attention to the small numbers in the corners of the pattern pieces, as it's kind of a "connect the dots" idea, and helps put the puzzle pieces together.

Overall, I'm happy with this blouse, it's comfortable and the colors of the fabric will allow me to wear this with khaki, black, and of course... jeans!

Here are pics of the shoulder pleat, collar, and front yoke seams.

July BWOF #113

This is my second skirt with this pattern, and probably not my last. This piece of my wardrobe plan was supposed to be black pants, using a cotton sateen from Gorgeous Fabrics that I bought last winter. But, when I saw that I could squeeze a pair of pants and this skirt from 2 yards of 60" wide, I couldn't resist! I switched the pants pattern to my TNT Eddie Bauer Bremerton Knock-off, and used a black broadcloth for the waist facings. I know cotton is boring, but honestly... my clothes (even my professional wardrobe) need to be comfortable and easy to clean. This sateen is a great weight, has such a polished sheen, and enough stretch to be easy to move around in.
This skirt sits a little below the waist, has 2 back darts, and 2 front pleats. Just enough to hide the little post-baby belly, but with the fitted waist to be slimming. I almost skipped the pockets this time around, but I like pockets at work, so I kept them. No lining necessary, and I'm getting faster and faster with the invisible zipper foot, so this skirt was an easy piece to complete.

The back is pretty boring, so no need to photograph that!

Just one more piece (knit top), and the wardrobe will be finished! Ahead of schedule? Unheard of!

Parting Shot:
JoAnn's Pattern Sale, McCall's were $1.99.
I reached in the drawer for this one:
But, when I looked down, was holding this one!
Of course, I couldn't resist... I left with them both!


Salinda said...

Beautiful pieces. I'm impressed you can find time to sew while getting ready for school!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! I absolutely love the shirt with the belt! The sleeves are very flattering. cindy