Saturday, August 16, 2008

Five for Five!

New Patterns!
I stopped at JoAnn's to pick up lining and notions, and as luck would have it, there was a pattern sale! Simplicity Patterns, 5 for $5, so here's what I got... (*Note to Dawn: Yes, I know my BWOF subscription is starting next month, and I probably don't NEED these, please don't be disappointed with me. I'm a Burdaphile-in-training...)

Simplicity 5284
Double Duty! This one is for both my son and daughter. It's got a lot to offer, and I liked the mini-backpacks!

I like the idea of embellishing the plain jumper with some embroidery or applique, but don't care for the pants, as they seem to scream "HOMEMADE".

Why I NEEDED this one: The plain knit pullover shirts that will go under lots and will be easy to embellish.

Simplicity 3668
This pattern also has quite a bit of variety, but my favorites here are the pleated shirt and the capelet. The side stripe pants are
cute too...

Why I NEEDED this one: The peasant blouse will be great in flannel this winter, and in cotton in the spring!

Simplicity 3511
These tunics are adorable, and she'll need some longer sleeved tops for the fall. I really like to find patterns that allow me to mix fabrics from our local quilt shop, the cottons there are so great.

Why I NEEDED this one: Pull-on shirts that aren't knit... need I say more? (Mother's of kindergartners feel free to join in the chorus...)

Simplicity 2876
I've never made her a coat, and I love the longer, dressier versions here. Actually, I love them all, especially the lower right corner picture with the leopard print!

Why I NEEDED this one: I have a little girl that likes to wear dresses all year long, and long dress coats for little girls are hard to find and expensive. This pattern should solve that problem!

Simplicity 2858
This one is obviously for me! I love the Project Runway patterns for all the options they include to change the designs. I hate the Project Runway patterns for the way the yardages are listed on the back. No big deal, I'll just cut the paper pattern and calculate the yardage myself, you really can't beat the length, collar, and sleeve options here...

Why I NEEDED this one: The jacket patterns in my stash are mostly classic blazer styles, and the options in this pattern are contemporary and sporty. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Chloe Dao, the winner of Project Runway Season 2, and someone asked her what single type of garment she favored. She said she really liked jackets because they instantly added structure to an outfit, and I think this pattern has that potential.

Pattern Review Contest Update
Instead of attaching the sleeves and hemming the final piece, here I sit blogging! It will get done today, and photographed tomorrow (hopefully). I picked up some jewelry to add some flair, and complete the looks. I'm really happy with how everything turned out, so check back in a few days, all the "final looks" should be posted!

P.S. Sorry about all the empty space in this post, I'm apparently in need of a Blogging Tutorial! Any tips on easy ways to place numerous pictures and lining up the text to match?


angie.a said...

I want BOTH of those PR patterns! I missed the goofy sale at Hancocks again. I've actually paid full price for the last couple of Big 4 patterns I bought because I was tired of waiting for a sale! LOL :D

Salinda said...

Very cute patterns. I just found 2 buttericks I "needed" at the Hancocks 99 cent sale this weekend.

Dawn said...

The kid's patterns are adorable. BWOF is kind of hit and miss on kid's clothing anyway. ;)

Lindsay T said...

I don't think you need to worry about how your posts look. They're fine, and besides, everybody skims these days anyway. So no use agonizing, right?!