Monday, August 18, 2008

5 year olds and a muslin


I have absolutely no idea how they calculate this score, but the quiz was rather short and made me laugh out loud, so that's something...

I have a 5 year old... she always wins, especially in Wii Bowling, so I'm pretty sure this quiz isn't accurate and is for entertainment purposes only.

Jacket Muslins for McCalls 5477

The envelope says I need a 16 for the bust, and an 18 for the waist. Here are the muslin results after making the 18, and taking it in 1/2" under the armpit, and grading that nothing at the waist. Oh, I'm making View C with the shawl collar and regular sleeves.

My current plan is to make the jacket an 16 from the neck to the waist, then grade to an 18 there. I hate these numbers, I wear a 10/12 in RTW! When I look at Mimi's finished products, it makes me think I'm doing something wrong, as her stuff fits like a glove! While I do understand the concept of "ease", I want my garments to be fitted, not frumpy!

Can I just say, I never make muslins. I'd much rather dive into my pretty fabric! However, I have had some fitting issues lately, and want a better fit to show off for all my hours of hard work! I wondered if a FBA was in order, but I don't know. It's not tight there, but I maybe it will help the 16 fit properly... did I mention I started a diet today? Maybe that will help me take out more 5 year olds....


Dana said...

Those number seem big to me too. I started buying a 12 RTW after losing some weight and for my patterns I cut a 14 on top and a 16 from the waist down (and am now adding a slight FBA). Do you have any Nancy Zieman books about fitting? If I remember correctly she tells you to use a measurement that goes above your bust as the bust measurement when choosing the pattern size. And, if there is more than a 2" difference between that measurement and your bust it means you are larger than a B cup and need to do an FBA. Hope that helps!

Lindsay T said...

Peggy Sagers, one of my instructors at the ASG conference, advocates measuring the circumferences of clothing you already own and that fits you well. You're smart to do a muslin, though.

Bunny said...

Hi, Kristine! I would suggest a couple of things, both of which have already been mentioned. "Fitting Finesse" by Nancy Zieman could help you out a lot in buying the proper size pattern. So, I highly recommend that one. I am guessing you need a much smaller size for your neck and shoulder area. I do see a vertical wrinkle in the upper chest/ shoulder area that could be fixed by a smaller size pattern. Then you would do a full bust adjustment to accommodate the boobies. Do you wear a C cup or larger? If so, you definitely need an FBA. Next, you must do a muslin. I know its a pain in the a--, but it saves a lot of aggravation. I am not crazy about making a muslin for my jacket project, but be danged if I will cut into really expensive fabric without one. Can't wait to see this project when done.

Marji said...

Do you mind a bit of fitting advice for this muslin?
The back is too big, and the shoulder seam is too far back.
Email me at mlweaving at yahoo dot com if you want me to draw on your pics and send you back some info. I've actually gotten pretty good at it.