Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weightloss Wednesday!

Sadly, I have a very small weightloss to report this week... just 1/2 a pound! What a bummer!!!

But, really... it's a fabulous topic for the week.  What do you do when the scale doesn't budge?

Don't lose hope!
Get creative!
Work smarter, not harder!

I dug out the "TurboJam" dvds I bought via infomercial one morning a couple years ago, and did the TurboSculpt video on Saturday morning.  In my kitchen.  While the kids watched cartoons.  5 pounds seemed really light and too easy in the beginning (ha, ha), but by the time the video was done 45 minutes later, I was sore. Everywhere.

Sunday morning I jumped on my bike and went for a quick 5.6 mile bike ride (I heart Google maps)!  Nothing like a big dog jumping out at you to kick up your heart rate and add a little oomph to the workout...

Monday after work, we threw the Little Man in the jogging stroller and heading down the road for a walk, and ran when we felt like it.  He got a nap, we got a workout (pushing an extra 40 pounds is a bonus).

Tuesday was crazy for me (staff meeting after work, DH made dinner, fed the kids, ran off to kids sports class, home and get them ready for bed), so it was my "Day Off".

Today I'm going for a walk afterschool with a good friend, so I hope the weather cooperates.  She is also trying to lose some weight, but doesn't like to run.  Just moving for 45 minutes is better than nothing, so it counts as cardio!

When you have kids underfoot and have to find time for a workout, you must be creative.  Last week the neighbors watched me walk laps around my back yard and run the stairs up to the deck every 2 laps.  It was a great 30 minute workout, and the kids were too busy playing on the swingset and in the yard with each other to care what I was doing.  Did I look goofy? Probably.  Do I care what the neighbors think? Not really.

Sooner or later, my body will get with the program and the scale will change.  I know in my head that I am doing the best I can and making positive, healthy changes to my life, and thats all good, no matter what numbers I see staring back at me.  Non-scale victories are sometimes more important and have a greater impact, like feeling your jeans feel looser and being able to run more and farther than you could last week.

Hope you are all working smarter and having victories of your own!!!


Handmade said...

Wow - I'm exhausted!! You are amazing. yes it is disheartening when there is minimal loss on the scales - but it's better than a gain! You are very inspiring!!

Karin said...

I think 1/2lb a week is perfect. Losing 2 lbs a month is right on target. When I am having trouble, I usually make an effort to eat a bigger breakfast and cut out other snacks later in the day. I try to keep busy so I am not tempted to snack. I take the kids out, or get busy sewing!

gwensews said...

Hey, 1/2 pound is great! Good for you. I've been doing WiiActive. My upper body was really sore for a few days, but not so much now. It's a struggle, this weight loss. Keep up the good work.

Jodie K said...

As a teacher too, I can appreciate how tiring those meetings can be (I'm in meetings every night this week, Parent/Teacher interviews on Thursday!). Can you squeeze in 10 minutes of walking at lunch. It's hard I know, but sometimes it helps keep me going/clear my head.
Congrats on your effort. Keep it up!

KID, MD said...

1/2 pound a week is great!! It seems frustrating, but you don't want to lose too fast - it's more likely to just reappear. Good job!

Elaray said...

My bicycle went to college with my daughter. I'm seriously thinking about buying another one. Although I can do without the big dog!

Your posts are inspirational!

amber said...

1/2 pound is great! But, yes, I understand being disappointed with a small number when you feel like you're working SO HARD on getting in exercise and being mindful of food. It can definitely be frustrating. I do find that even with the exerspy and tracking my food, I will have a week here and there, where the program tells me I should have lost 1-2lbs, but the scale won't budge. Then, magically, I wake up one morning and that weight is gone seemingly overnight. I think sometimes it just takes the body a bit to catch up to the changes that you're making. At least, my body sure seems to work that way.

Keep up that great attitude and keep doing what you know is good for you. I'm still over here in Cali, waving my pom pons for ya! :)

Grace said...

I love TurboSculpt! Those shoulder presses with 5 lb weights really tire me out. 1/2 lb loss is not bad, actually. You will see greater losses in other weeks. :) I'm doing ChaLean Extreme (into the 4th month now) and the fat is just melting off of me... my muscles are more toned, too. I'm lovin' it!

Rose said...

You are going in the right direction! I've lost 1.8 lbs and an inch in the waist since you started these posts. I've just been watching portions and excercising more. Thanks for the encouragement!!

beangirl said...

Girl, 1/2 a pound a week is great. Reading about your week made me so tired I had to go take a nap. You keep that up and the 1/2 will add up to multiples pretty quickly.

Bunny said...

You are on a program, girl! !/2 pound is wonderful. You want to lose slow and permanantly, anyway. While not "dieting" I am on my annual spring "cleanup". Things can get pretty sedentary around here all winter so it feels so good to just get moving and get some sunshine. I taped the 4 1/2 hour rock and roll Hall of Fame on HBO the other night. Now that is fun to exercise to!

Sue said...

Your exercise routine sounds great and I applaud you for finding inventive ways to exercise.
Soemtimes the best way to tell how you are going is by the fit of your clothes. I believe their is a lag sometimes before the scales show the work.

Capitol Sew and Sew said...

So I am thinking that a walk to DC would be a great work-out AND we could jog from monument to monument when you get here!!! Love hearing about your progress. Keep up the great work!!