Sunday, January 30, 2011

Enabler Alert!

Maxi-Lock 3000yds

Got a serger? How about a coverstitch? Maxi-Lock Thread is on sale at Atlanta Thread & Company, but only until Midnight TONITE! (The coupon code is "maxi-jan-2011" at checkout).

At $1.75, I stocked up on a few colors I didn't have, and grabbed a few spools I needed.  For $6 shipping, it's worth it, getting a much, much, much better color selection that Joann's and not having to deal with going out in the cold snow and waiting in a long line (have I mentioned my great unhappiness with JA's lately?)!

Here are all the colors available (I love this feature, makes my life so much easier than trying to guess what color "Lauren" is)! It's so much better than the black, white, red, and blue that is typically stocked at a store.

They also have a fabulous selection of many other sewing supplies.  I also ordered about a dozen zippers of various size and color. The prices are amazing and the color selection is wonderful. I took inventory of my upcoming projects and ordered accordingly.  Less then $1.50 for a full size invisible? Count me in! With my order, the shopping came out to be less than a quarter (25 cents) per item, which is still considerably less than what I'd pay at JA's.

Have fun! And if you didn't catch the notice in time, no big deal.  Their regular price is $1.85/spool!
(Note: I am not affiliated with Atlanta Thread, but think we sewists need to look out for each other!)


Sewfast said...

I saw the last call email! Need to take stock of what colors I need and then I'll be placing an order!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This is a good deal! And Atlanta Thread is my go to spot for supplies, but I've stocked up in a few prior sales so didn't need anything this time...even though I tried! *LOL*

Summerset said...

Oh yeah, ordering now! It is nice to have enough cones to set up a 4 thread serger *and* the coverstitch at the same time!

Angie said...

Good Morning,
I just saw the blog and missed out on the sale.
However, not sure if you are aware but Joann's has Gutterman serger thread on sale this weekend.
And Gutterman has a lot of the same colors.