Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great Timing (?)

The February Burdastyle Magazine was in my mailbox yesterday, and it is FULL of stuff I want to make! But, alas... imagine my surprise at finding the childrens section dedicated to First Communion wear!  Pretty dresses, and a boy's suit, too!

Modell Photo

Almost makes me want to second guess my Vogue pattern choice!  But, I will stick to my guns, and remember that all of these dresses would be equally adorable in a pretty cotton print!


amber said...

I mean, someone is going to need an Easter dress, too, right? ;)

beangirl said...

The do communion dresses every February, you should check out your back issues too!

beangirl said...

uh duh. and I should check that I wrote everything I meant to before I click "comment". I meant to add that they sometimes also have "accessories", like capes and little bags and such for First Communion. (Because your muslin looks good, no reason to mess with a good thing, right?)

KID, MD said...

I love the Vogue you've chosen! What does the Princess think?

Eilane Vida Costura said...

Acho que o padrão que você escolhei ficará ótimo, e também pode aproveitar estes novos para outros tecido que ficarão igualmente belos.


Eilane - Brasil

Bunny said...

Go with your gut instinct and first choice. Magazines have a way of interrupting a fabulous idea. Resist the temptation. I know what you have decided will be wonderful. It's all about the wedding dress and lace, right?