Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Belated Christmas Gift

This is BWOF 09-2008-145, which was supposed to be a Christmas gift for DH. I got slowed down by the Challenger Shirt for FIL, then we all got the flu, so DH is finally getting it now.
You can see that the line drawing doesn't include buttons on the placket, but without them, the shirt really looked unfinished. DH was also hoping for ribbing at the sleeve cuff, but I couldn't find any to match. The fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics, and is a fabulous knit with fleece on the inside. It is so soft, but the finish on the smooth side is sleeker than a typical knit/fleece. I'm really, really happy with it, and still need to write the review for PR. This is something he'll be able to wear with khaki Dockers or jeans.

Miss Princess and DH are going to their very first Daddy-Daughter Dance next weekend. It occorred to me that she could use a new dress for the occasion. What girl doesn't need a new dress??? The event is described as having a "formal theme", with Daddies wearing ties and jackets, so I dug in the boxes to see what I could find that's fit for a 5-year-old.
While her first pick was the pick cotton floral print, I felt it wasn't quite "formal", so I talked her into this blue and gold silky sari print. I bought it last spring at Joann's, thinking it was going to become a sheath dress that I would wear to chaperone prom. Obviously, my plan did not come to fruition!

I am using Simplicity 2683 (couldn't find on the Simplicity website?!), which I just got last weekend during the 5 for $5 at Joann's. I'll have you know was very good, and only bought 2, both for Miss Princess! My only reluctance with this pattern and this fabric together is the border print on the fabric. I really want it to run along the hem, so we'll see how this will pan out. I have 2 yards of this fabric, and had to lay the pattern out perpendicular to the grain to use the darker blue and border at the hem. Since the border happens on both selvedges, I've got 2 yards of border on the other end that I'm going to use at the waist for the sash and ties. Because the gold is woven in (rather than printed on), the back side is gold with blue accents. I'm thinking that I have more than enough fabric left over to make the coordinating jacket/shrug, and wondering how it would look with the gold side out? Opinions, please?
My "Mid-winter Break" from school starts today, so I'm home through the weekend! No travel plans, just a nice restful super-long weekend of sewing projects. Must finish DH's shirt, alter the prom dress muslin, turn a window panel into 2 valances (I hate boring jobs), and embroider a few fire dept. shirts. Want to dive into the Daddy-Daughter dress asap!
One more question... I'm toying with the idea of having some navy or gold organza peek out from under the skirt, like a crinoline. Too fru-fru? Too much? Not right with the shape of the skirt? Your thoughts on this???


Beth Conky said...

I would go with the gold showing. Sounds cute.

Summerset said...

Great job on the shirt! I would make the jacket for the dress on the navy side with gold trim. For me the gold is too much, even for such a small jacket. I like the idea of another layer peeking out from the hem.

Amanda S. said...

Great job on the shirt for DH. I would sew for mine if he cared to have any of the cool BWOF men's patterns. But he's a Wranglers and plaid shirt kinda guy. Ditto the other comments about the matching navy jacket and gold layer. You're so lucky to have a little girl to sew for!

Bunny said...

I think this flared hem would be darling with a ruffle of tulle peeking out. This pattern is perfect for the Daddy Daughter event. She will be so lady like and grown up. Pictures please.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

You did a great job on your husbands shirt. I agree with Summersets comment about the dress. It would look adorable.