Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since I don't work in an office where I get to brag openly, I have to do it here! DH sent me roses at work yesterday, and it was such a wonderful surprise. They are the same colors I carried in my wedding bouquet 10 years ago... I'm such a lucky girl! But, he's working today, so just me and kids for Valentine's Day this year.

The prom dress fitting went well, just a few minor adjustments to make, and one biggie. Big time thanks to Summerset for all of her advice, and to "artfulenterprises" at the Threads discussion board. Your help with this project is really educational, and will help immensely!

The straps definitely had to be shortened (at least 3") to support the halter top, and we're closing the center front gap 2-3" up (I'll be recutting it on the fold!). The big adjustment is that she wants to drop the center back top of the zipper down a few inches. This means re-fashioning the top band with a steeper slope, which will also mess with the length of the straps (add that 3" back in!). I have a little work ahead of me before I cut the real fashion fabric, but nothing too bad. She was very happy with the muslin, and is very excited for the real thing! I'd better get accustomed to formal wear... 2 more girls came to me yesterday asking if I could still make their prom dresses, too. I *love* doing formal wear, and am much more excited about these projects than the "can you turn this window panel into 2 valances?" project I brought home yesterday (Zzzzz).

So, I can't stay and chat... I've got an entire Saturday to sew! I've got a new version of the 06-2008-104 BWOF pants on the table, that I'm already halfway through. I tweaked the pattern after seeing how the grey pants turned out, and I'm working with a fabulous brown/black speckled bottomweight wool that is sooooo much nicer than that poly-crepe-crap I used before. Why do I keep wasting my time (and money) with el-cheapo man-made less than great fabric??? *Note to self: the Red Tag aisle at Joann's is only for muslins and kid's clothes...
DH's shirt finally is ready to be finished with matching buttons and hems. And, Miss Princess has requested a new skirt, since she's outgrown hers. So, I've got this really cute embroidered denim and McCalls 5169 to work with also. With the snow falling and Little Man not quite well enough to go visit Grandpa, we'll be home all day, relaxing. Sounds like a great Valentine's day to me!


Anonymous said...

Love the prom dress! Enjoy your Saturday of sewing. The flowers are beautiful--love fresh flowers in the house.

Julia said...

Oh the fragrance of fresh flowers. I got candy! He'll help me eat it thought. Thank goodness. Good luck finishing the prom dress and making 2 more!! The denim is adorable.

Amanda S. said...

Gorgeous roses!!!