Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jacket Muslin #2

This morning I woke up with sinus issues and a very sore throat, so I decided to stay home. My daughter also woke with a runny nose and cough, so I had to take a day off, regardless. Since I couldn't sleep the day away with the kids underfoot, I modified the jacket pattern and recut a new version. Between the comments here and the assistance on the discussion boards at Pattern Review, I had some food for thought about my changes. I love the internet sewing community and how quickly I can see other versions across the globe!
  • Ana's version, she commented on the last post. Love her version, especially the buttons!
  • Okie2thdoc, from the One Wool Contest thread at PR
  • Phyllis C's version, from the reviews at Pattern Review, with details on how to do the snaps.
  • Burda Fashion: Petiting a Pattern (from the PR board "Patterns and Notions"), which is also great for un-petiting a pattern, just work backwards!
I decided to add an inch of length to the bodice, but I did it as two 1/2" increments, one above the bust dart and one closer to the waist. I grabbed the clear ruler and some construction paper, making a bunch of strips to speed up the process. I also decided to drop the armscye 1/2", since Bunny made such a good point about adding shoulder pads. I let out the side seams 1/2" on both sides to give myself a little more ease, too. Sorry about the funny camera angle, this is my first time using the timer!

I am happy with the new result, and think I will let out a 1/4" on each back princess seam from the armpit level down to give myself a pinch more ease, as it still gets hung up on my hips/butt. Although I plan on wearing it open, I may be inclined to snap/button it at the bottom, and wouldn't want a bunch of creases on my back/bottom!

I've never made 2 muslins before, but I'd rather perfect the fit than be done with the project. I love this fabric, and would rather take a day to make the necessary and correct changes than rush through and end up with a jacket that I never wear because the fit just isn't quite right. Since taking these pics, I've left the muslin on to update this post, and find the fit quite comfortable (unbuttoned), and look forward to the weight and warmth of it in lined wool!

Now, I must head to bed and get some good rest and kick this bug out of my sinuses! Do you think muslin #3 is necessary, or am I ready for the "final copy"?


gwensews said...

That is a huge improvement over your first muslin. Very nice. Feel better soon.

AnaJan said...

Looks much better! And, thanks for the compliment ;-)
BTW, I enjoyed watching your photo session related to the leather vest. It's interesting to see people having fun, even when showing their newly sewed garments! I think there was nothing offendive in those photos.
Keep having fun!

becki-c said...

The back looks so smooth, you have done a great job on this. The front looks great through the bust too. I can't wait to see how you do the collar. I like this pattern too, so I am watching closely.

judy said...

This version looks like a much better fit on you. Is this material the same thickness as the final version? If the wool final version is a thicker material, you may need to add more ease....

Summerset said...

Much better! I've never had to think about how to unpetite a pattern, since I'm always petiting them. You're right, though, it would be just the reverse. Two muslins are really helpful, especially with a lot of changes. I found that out with the trousers.

Bunny said...

Major better! Can't wait to see the Big One!

Kathi said...

I hope you feel better soon. The fit is so much better on this one! It is amazing how much better it looks! Great work!

amber said...

It's looking great!