Monday, November 16, 2009

Wanna Swap?

Wanted: Patterns for making 18" doll clothes. Santa is bringing Little Miss Princess her first American Girl doll (Julie) and I'd like to make her some outfits to play with. I have enough scraps and fabric for a million outfits, but could use a couple of patterns!

Up for Trade: Fabric. Patterns. More Fabric. Name your need, and if I have it, we'll swap!

Any takers??? Also, if you are experienced in making 18" doll clothes, what tips do you have to offer me? I've done this once before, but it's been about 4 years!
ETA: Found this website, that offers a variety of patterns for FREE. Actual American Girl outfits! 3 outfits for 6 different dolls! These are the older dolls and the outfits are more antique than I was hoping (Julie is from 1974, what a great year...), but with modification they will work.
If you still want to swap, I'm still interested though!


In other news, the blue wool for my Burda jacket is cut. The lining is cut. The interfacing has been applied and the darts have been marked. I picked up matching thread and shoulder pads this weekend, so sometime this week I will start assembly. Thanks to any of you that offered fit opinions, I really appreciate it. I know it's not nearly as much fun as pictures of finished projects, but you guys are the only ones that can offer me the best advice in this arena! I never would've thought to drop the armscyes without you mentioning it, so thank you!


Salinda said...

We have Kit and love to dress her up! I'll tell you a few off our favorite patterns:

Butterick 3875 has a teeshirt and pants we like.

Butterick 4089 has capris and bell bottoms.

McCalls 5019 has a robe, pjs and a totebag.

McCalls 4896 has a swim suit.

McCalls 5288 has a great retro shawl.

McCalls 3469 has accessories.

...and I just discovered that we have two copies of McCalls 2506, if you'd like that one!

Sewfast said...

I was going to suggest that free American Dolls pattern site. Sara had (has...They are stored in my closet for my first granddaughter) Samantha and Felicity. I actually bought the Samantha pattern back in the day and made matching outfits for Sara and the doll for "my favorite book day" at school...sorry I don't have any patterns to part with (still hoping and praying for a granddaughter) but you can take a basic 18" doll pattern and use that for a sloper to create design for your period. The 70's are a great era...wonder how I know about that??? Can't wait to see the great things you create!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Sorry I don't have any patterns to SWAP...I'm selfishly holding onto mine for future grandbabies.

However, I do have some tips...

Using your scraps is good because then the clothes will look more like what is being worn now. And I even "copied" some from the AG catalogue.

Use alot of velcro and secure it well. Little girls aren't timid about tearing those clothes off.

HomeSew has great buttons for AG outfits as well as inexpensive shoes and accessories. I used the buttons as decoration and velcro for closings.

Sew the items flat for as long as possible...makes it easier to assemble and you don't have to worry about sewing in small spaces, like armholes.

Make one daughter/doll outfit - my niece loved hers!

Have is stressless sewing because the garments always fit!

judy said...

I have been thinking about this for a while now! I haven't gone down this road yet, but have been looking at the catalogue having my dd's picking out girls. I think it is a great way to use up all those scraps that are too small to make anything with and too big to throw away! Definitely you must blog about the clothes making for this doll, I have been shying away from it due to how small and hard to work with some of the clothes are!!

amber said...

She is going to be so happy with her new doll! I still remember the dresses and bloomers my grandmother made me for my Cabbage Patch dolls years ago. She'll love the clothes you make for her :)

Lindsay T said...

Been there, done that with the AG patterns. Saw a New Yorker cartoon recently—Little girl at an AG store with her mother, looking at all the dolls. Little girl: "I don't know whether to get the prettiest doll or the one with the most interesting backstory."

Gail said...

My girls are both way past the doll phase but it is pleasing to see a doll that looks more wholesome than Bratz. With covered up clothing and all!

Dana said...

Thanks for the pattern link! I have one pattern that I bought ages ago when my nieces were that age (their college age now!). Unfortunately, since my daughter's probably getting one of those gifts this year too, I've nothing to swap.

My one and only piece of advice for sewing the clothes is to think small - as in small prints and trims. I used to make tons of Barbie clothes and if the print isn't in proportion to the doll it really looks wierd.

Have fun sewing!

gaylen said...

I think I still have patterns hanging around. Let me know and I'll dig them out this weekend. g