Monday, May 24, 2010

Check out this Rowenta Giveaway!

Bitter Betty is giving away a Rowenta, check it out here.

I need a new iron so badly.  My "back up" iron (purchased at a garage sale by my mom about 10 years ago) takes forever to warm up, and likes to leave black marks behind.  That's currently my "travel iron".

My "real iron" is dying a slow death.  We got it at Costco, and it's starting to not turn off all by itself.  Not, like, after being on for 15 minutes.  More like, after 2 minutes.  It's so frustrating to head to the ironing board, only to find a cold iron.  I've probably done the damage myself, being a seamstress and all, so if I don't win it, I'll probably be buying a new one.  I know that some of you have those fancy gravity feed ones, which looks amazing...  but are probably pretty expensive.

I have 2 new garments to show you this week, but you'll have to wait.  My photographer is sick with a cold/ear infection and my son has the stomach flu.  I called off of work today to take care of them, so it's not really a "day off".  Tomorrow is my last day with my seniors, then Wednesday is "Senior Walk".  It's the best tradition at my high school, when on their last day, they don their caps and gowns, and parade through the halls as all the students, teachers, and families stand in applause and offer hugs and good-byes.  It makes me tear up just typing it, it's such an emotional way to see them leave the building.  Or, it might be my 4 hours of sleep last night.  Anyhow, I'll be posting the new outfits in the next few days.

Have a great day, all!


LisaB said...

Good luck with winning that iron! If you don't win, though, it's possible you may find a gravity feed in your price range. For instance, Cleaner's Supply sells the popular Naomoto for considerably less than many other retailers. Here's a link just in case you want to tempt yourself.

Cleaner's Supply also has a much cheaper gravity feed, but I don't know what it's reliability is. I've had the Naomoto for quite a few years now with no problems whatsoever. NAYY. I just thought I'd mention it, because it's saved me from having to replace a household iron every so many years. For me, at least, it's been worth the initial outlay.

amber said...

I love the idea of a senior walk. So cool!

Capitol Sew and Sew said...

So I guess, as friend, I can't sign up to win the iron, right????? :)

and honey if you think you tear up when those kids that you didn't birth walk down those halls just think what a mess you will be when those walking includes one of your own!!! I am buying stock in Kleenex!!

AuntieAllyn said...

Irons are the bane of my existence . . . I'm one of those people that irons EVERYTHING!! And it doesn't matter if I spend big bucks on a fancy Rowenta or go for a cheap plastic no-name iron, they still crap out on me after 6-8 months of use. So I suppose I should just continue to buy the cheap versions and expect to replace them on a regular basis, but I'd sure like to find a good steam iron that would last more than a year and wouldn't spit at me after a few months of use!