Friday, December 30, 2011


Here I am, with a completed outer layer (with fur collar) and a completed lining... It's turning out beautifully, and I really feel like the end result will be a treasured coat I will wear with pride for many years. Such a great feeling!

That being said, I am at a crossroads with the closures. I bought these buttons last year for a different project, but I *love* them on this coat! If I go with a "normal" buttonhole, this coat will be done tomorrow (I get a little eager at the end, ya know?). But, something inside is telling me that a bound buttonhole is more professional, more classic, more... refined. Having never done them before, though, makes me nervous. I have scraps galore to practice on, and 6 shouldn't take me too long.

I started out writing this to ask your opinion, but now that I've put my thoughts out there, bound buttonholes seem like the only way to go. Isn't that funny?

Do you ever have to battle yourself at certain points in construction to do things the "right way" vs. the "fast way"?


Irene said...

Bound buttonholes would certainly look perfect. They're really not that hard - just make a few practice ones. You'll do just fine, and you'll be even prouder of the final result. (They also wear better than stitched buttonholes.)

Anonymous said...

Bound buttonholes would look great, but before you get your heart set on them, make sure you can still do them on your coat. Normally, you would put a bound buttonhole on before you attach the facings. Would you be able to manipulate the fabric around so you can still do bound buttonholes?

Kristine said...

@couturearts: I haven't attached the facings/lining yet. While there was a lot more fabric to lug around, I had no trouble creating the 6 "windows" in the outer layer. The "shutters" are stitched and pressed, but not attached yet, and I still need to make the "windows" for the lining layer. Then I'll unite the 2 along the collar and front edge. Thanks!

L said...

The "right way" is whatever you feel like doing and can live with forever. =)

Terry said...

Going to be one beautiful coat

Jane M said...

This coat is going to be an heirloom for sure. Those buttons are wonderful on your fabric.