Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Bother Me, I'm on VACATION!

Two weeks off, baby! No more papers, no more books... no more students' dirty looks!

With all but 2 of the "xmas gift sweatshirts" delivered, I'm taking a night off tonite, and doing some "FUN SELFISH SEWING", like finishing the knit top that just needs hems.  Or, the grey wool pants that are all cut out.  Or maybe matching outfits for a certain DD and her American Girl doll (after bedtime, of course).   Maybe a cozy new sweater to combat all this chilly-to-the-bone weather!

It's the Friday Night Sew In, which is the perfect way to start a nice relaxing vacation from work.  I'm going to find my comfy sweats and make a cup of Chai Tea! I'll check back in tomorrow with my results.... Have a great night!


Marybeth said...

Two weeks! Lucky lady... Enjoy your Friday Night Sew In!

angie.a said...

Have fun!!

Sewfast said...


Bunny said...

Enjoy! You've earned it.