Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vintage Sew Along 2011

Joanne of Miss Muslin had a great idea, and I'm hopping on board!

January 2011
*post vintage pattern choice
*share your muslin and fabric choice

*share construction adventures
*complete project and post final pictures of garment
* um, none.
*participate and have fun........

*Indicate your interest around/by December 31st. Here is the link for the original "invitation" where you can RSVP! (Notice that I'm the first to reply? So excited!)

My "backwards" plan:  I've always loved this dress Audrey Hepburn is wearing in the last scene of "Roman Holiday".  (Forgive the crummy quality, it's from my cell phone last time I caught it on tv!
The problem is that I have nowhere to wear such an awesome dress, so when I saw this Vogue coat pattern I was so happy!  What makes it backwards? It's not a vintage pattern, but it's inspired by a vintage garment. Counts, right???
It has the same collar and style of the dress bodice, with a fuller skirt portion.  Of course, I have other projects on the table, too, so I think the coat will be it for me.  (If I get really crazy, I might make a sundress for an upcoming tropical vacation. I have some great vintage patterns for that!)  When finished, it won't look much like the original, is it will be black wool with a black faux fur collar!  I'm so excited to have a feminine, figure flattering dress coat! My current  black wool coat is boxy, roomy, and the pockets are ripped! Time for something new, with an old-fashioned feel to it!  The Communion dress will still be in the muslin stages, and it will be a little birthday gift to myself!

I love the loose guidelines to this sew-along, and Joanne is a peach! We took the Khalje/King Sit and Sew class in August 2009, and she is such a sweetheart! That girl knows her way around the Big Apple (and Tiffany & Co.), and I am so looking forward to crossing paths with her again!  I hope you'll join in the Vintage Sew Along fun!


Bunny said...

Fabulous coat design! Hmmmmm,,,,wonder how it would look on a petite....

Sharon said...

I joined that one too! Yea, I noticed you were first - I was a distant second. LOL. I think this will be a fun one, especially since the "rules" are pretty loose. I just have to decide which vintage pattern I want to sew.

angie.a said...

Ack, I need to join that! And I need to go through my stash now that I'm off and see if I have an actual vintage pattern for you. Audrey's dress still looks familiar to me.

Irene said...

Love that coat pattern. I've been eyeing it, but never did find the right fabric. Can't wait to see your version.

Anonymous said...

Definitely counts! Love the coat pattern.

lakaribane said...

@angie.a: This looks like the Burda Cidell of Miss Celie's Pants just made in brown and white. A 2009 pattern, IIRC.

I love the coat pattern, too!