Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sewing for my Kids

Okay, here goes...

After being led to some pretty impressive blogs by way of reviewing patterns or links on discussion boards, I've decided it's time for me to leave my comfort zone and attempt it myself. So, please keep your laughter to a minimum, and be patient with me. I'm learning as I go...

Having a daughter and loving to sew seem to go together. I love choosing fabric and patterns for her to wear, and she gets pretty excited when she knows the project I'm working on is for her. Here is a sundress I did for her this summer, and she "helped" during the entire construction, removing pins and lifting or dropping the presser foot. The pattern I used was See & Sew 3888. A 1 day project from start to finish, and a dress she'll still fit into next summer.

The shirt is Simplicity 3856, and I absolutely love it. I've never sewn for my son before, or any male for that matter, so for some reason I was intimidated by the thought of it. However, I'm so glad I tried, because it was just as easy as the dress, and recieved rave reviews. Again, a 1 day project, and a pattern I'll buy again and copy the multiple sizes. As with any project, watch the measurements when choosing the size, don't go with the "ready to wear" size you purchase in a store.

For both projects, I used 100% cotton I purchased at our local quilt shop, Aunt Nan's. The dress is a batik, which makes for a great summer weight. The shirt is just a stripe, but not one I expected to find in the quilt store. I loved the colors, boyish, but not dark.

This last project is one I actually did last summer. I couldn't choose which fabric I liked best (at Aunt Nan's, again!), so the kind saleswoman recommended using them all. With my pattern pieces cut out and in hand, I was able to purchase the exact amount needed, which kept the price down. There are a pair of capri pants cut out and ready to go, that I never got around to sewing, that also coordinate with this outfit. Add that to tomorrow's "to do" list...

Aunt Nan's Fabrics. 40 South Washington St. Oxford, MI 48371 P: 248-628-5610 F: E-mail: auntnansfabrics@sbcglobal.net