Monday, May 27, 2013

Picking a pattern... IMPOSSIBLE.

My nephew's wedding is coming soon (end of June), and I still haven't decided on a dress for myself. I bought some Gorgeous Fabric months ago with a particular plan in mind... but, of course, you know how plans change.

I have 2 yards of crimson dupioni (45" wide) and 2 yards of stunning black lace eyelet (60" wide)
Lightweight Silk Duppioni - Iridescent Crimson

Sold out, long ago folks, sorry. I bought it back in December, knowing that it was unique and awesome and I had to have it. Ann shared this photo of an Oscar De la Renta dress using the same exact fabric.
I'm not a fan of the bow, but like the simple lines of this dress.  Simplicity 1656, which has 3 great views, but a shortened version of view A is quite similar to this. I think I'd use the lace all over though, not just on the bottom.
Strapless can be a pain in the butt though, and I'd get more wear out of a dress with straps... 
Vogue 8556 (shortened) has a lot of potential, and I love the back view.
I'm not a huge fan of the front neckline, as gaping tends to happen with this style.

Vogue 8814 also has my attention, as the "fit & flare" is fun, with a great neckline and open back. I like view B, but shorter.

My concern with this one is my limited amount of lace. I can buy more dupioni, but only have 2 yards of 60" wide lace. Is that enough? Maybe I should only use it on the skirt? And, what's with the front center seam all down the front?  I DON'T KNOW.

I'm actually considering going shopping at the mall, I'm am so undecided and frustrated. I've been working hard at Crossfit for the last 8 weeks, and am quite proud of my newly shaped shoulders and figure. New measurement, too... 36-29-41.

Advice? Opinions? Feedback?  Thanks, ladies!