Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fantasy: Cobalt

Cobalt is a silvery, bluish-gray metal ore. But when cobalt salts and aluminum oxide are mixed you get a beautiful shade of blue.

Cobalt is soothing, peaceful, and can also suggest richness. Like azure, nature, stability, calmness are some of its qualities.
Herve Leger, Cobalt Dress Layton $2140
This color keeps catching my eye, and I keep finding myself searching online fabric stores for "cobalt" and "royal blue". There is something so luxe, sophisticated, and happy about it.  I'd definitely like to have more of it in my closet. While I know that a pretty sweater would do the trick, I'm thinking of a sheath dress, and found these images very inspirational...
 This one is a little too much for work, but would be wonderful for the next big special occasion. I think I'd omit the right short sleeve, though.
Oasis Cobalt Dress (Pinterest)
 I swear... my life does NOT match my wardrobe desires! I need a cocktail party to attend, people!

Julia Jordan Cobalt Dress (Pinterest)
 Ok, now this works for my life. I can see this with my nice black cashmere jacket over it, too!
I have a Vogue pattern (8280) very similar to this one. Classic lines, classic color... I think it's a good marraige!

For a trendier look, I could do a color-block dress. I stumbled across these images on Pinterest and was equally mesmerized...

Dorothy Perkins Cobalt and Navy Dress

What color has your creative juices flowing lately?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Current Project: Memorial Quilt

A friend of mine lost her Dad last year to esophageal cancer. She had a tradition of always gifting him a blue shirt for Christmas and Birthdays, and he was an avid golfer.  She's chosen a basic block pattern, and I'm in the process of cutting squares out and starting to build the blocks...
 This shirt (above) has particular sentimental value to her, so even though it's heavier than the other shirts, I'm working in the ivory and navy fleece, and hope to save the "Nautica" boat logo.
I'm waiting on Etsy for closures for my jacket, so this project will keep me busy and should be pretty straight-forward. I'll post when I have some squares to share!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long Overdue Jacket!

I've been finished with this jacket for a couple of weeks, but haven't had a chance to blog, photograph, or wear it (it's been a warm October in Michigan until now).  But, today was the day!  I thought it would be fun to hold my "photo shoot" in my classroom, with the assistance of a couple senior girls that were happy to take a few minutes to help!  When you also consider that I've had plans to make this jacket for 4 years, that really makes this "Long Overdue"!
AP Statistics... both fashionable and interesting!
Pattern Description:Simplicity 2284
Misses' & Miss petite lined jacket in two lengths with trim variations… separate patterns included for A, B, C, D cup sizes. American Sewing Guild. I used view D (skipped the zipper closure), but switched to a 3/4 sleeve. I wish I had paid closer attention and used the sleeve with the button placket, though. I'll use it on my next version for sure, although the buttons clicking on the desk top when I'm writing might bug me.  Here's the back view... I hate that I didn't think to match the plaid. Ugh!

Pattern Sizing: As stated above, there is sizing for cups A, B, C, and D, which is nice. I cut the size 14 according to the finished garment measurements, and with a small adjustment in the waist, it's spot on.

Fabrics and Trim Used:
-2 yards of tweed purchased in New York (4 years ago) from Paron Fabrics.
-2 yards of silver silk charmeuse from Gorgeous Fabrics.
-4 yards of trim (black with tiny bead and metal chains) from Joann Fabrics
-2 buttons from Etsy. I have many more, as I was going to use them along the center front. Undecided on that...
It was well received by all ages today! Lots of girls were asking if I made it, and one told me that it looked like it came from "White House, Black Market". I'll take that as a compliment! It was so comfortable to wear, and the weight is just right for not being too warm.  Here's a peek at the silky lining inside.
Overall, I'm loving the way it turned out and will decide whether or not more silver buttons on the front will be a good addition. The fringe was not too hard to do at all (1" wide, bias cut strips), and really gives it the RTW look I was after. I know it's not the "couture" jacket that Susan Khalje taught me how to make, but I'm ok with that. No one in my circles knows any differently! In all honesty, I like this one better than my old one! I have the fabric and lining for my next version, and then I will be giving this pattern a rest, for along time!

On the table is a different jacket nearing the finish line, and I'm really excited about it! Leather + Sweater Knit + Metal = Awesome. Give me another week to ten days, and I'll have that posted here, too!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project Plan: Leather/Knit Jacket

Awhile back I was gifted some wonderful leather deer hides from my sister. Her husband, an avid hunter, had planned on collecting enough to have his own jacket made, but changed his mind.  Lucky me, I was given a LARGE amount of FREE leather!
I've been thinking of making a leather/knit combo pullover, so at the Novi Expo I found the perfect knit to coordinate with the ivory/buff leather!  This was 1 of 3 fabrics I rewarded myself with for finishing the Passion for Fashion challenge!
I bought the McCalls 6614 pattern a few weeks ago with this plan, but as I dug for it last night, stumbled across this Vogue 8932 pattern that I bought at the same time.  Hmmm....

  I only bought a single yard of the sweater knit, since I was planning on a pullover.  I figured that was all that I would need for center front & back. I *love* the jacket pattern, and the style lines are perfect for leather.  It's the jacket pattern that I keep reaching for and drooling over, so my heart is strongly leaning that way. Like, 98% leaning that way!

So, I think I'll be cutting the pattern and making muslin this weekend to perfect the fit and help me decide what parts to cut out of the leather and what parts should be knit.  Knit sleeves for certain, and with all the seams on the back, I have more options for inserts, if I have enough fabric.  And if not... Haberman's is only a phone call and 45 minutes away! 
And one last apology for the "disappearing-reappearing comment box" issue. I think I've finally resolved in by reverting back to my old background and template! I'll admit it... I love the comments and feedback from all of you, and miss your voices terribly!