Monday, October 8, 2012

Alive and Sewing... Barely.

She's alive! Alive!!!
Just long enough to hem my leather skirt, and rescue it from the sewing room! This school year has been FILLED to the brim, between the kids' activities and our own. Top it off with PAYING SEWING JOBS, and you've got a very, very, very busy Kristine, with no "fun sewing" time! Here's a quick update on my latest and greatest, which garnered many compliments today at work.

Simplicity 9825

I've had this pattern for years. It's the perfect pattern for leather, with a center front and center back seam. A little on the short side, so if I make it again, I'll likely add a couple inches of length.

Gorgeous Fabrics: 3 Lambskin skins and silk twill lining. The bump below the waistband below is just my shirt tucked in (was in a terrible hurry before work, and this pic just had to do).

I used an invisible zipper at the left side seam (rather than the back), and fusible tricot interfacing for the waistband. A leather needle and regular poly thread was used, along with my special "roller foot". Rather than glueing the hem, I decided to stitch it up, figuring that would make it more secure for the life of the garment.

I'm very happy with the final product, and beautiful leather skirt in a wonderfully wearable color. Adding some tights will carry me through the winter, and the leftover skin will make for great accents for future garments! If you're afraid to try leather, don't be! I saved a ton of money making this myself, and it really wasn't any more difficult than any other woven fabric.