Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here's my Mini-Wardrobe Storyboard!

I Thought the title "Do the Math" was very clever, as this will be a back-to-school wardrobe for this high school math teacher! (Get it... Do the Math... 2 + 2 makes 4 outfits... ) I know, I know... stick to the day job! Aside from Dawn and Angie, any other teachers that love to sew out there???
Pardon the mess called the storyboard. It's my first time, and it took most of the day. I wish it looked like this, but I guess that gives me something to strive for! I'm so proud of myself that aside from a little thread and maybe a zipper, I own all the materials involved! I wish I could earn bonus points for that...
I was afraid it was a little boring (black, khaki, ivory), but these pieces will be wardrobe staples, and go with so much that I couldn't deny it. And... the skirt option I was considering (BWOF 06-2008-122) is already in 2 other storyboards, so I felt this would be better.
So, this storyboard means I have 1 pattern left to cut (paper, not fabric... I know the rules!), and 2 fabrics to pre-wash.
In the mean time, I'm still going to make the skirt I mentioned above, and a coordinating blouse, if I can tear myself away from the computer long enough... My name is Kristine and I'm addicted to reading sewing blogs.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

2 New Tops!

New Look 6785

A long time ago, I saw a picture of Kate Hudson wearing the absolute cutest eyelet top, and ever since, I've been on the lookout for a "copycat" pattern. I got this black eyelet at Joann's on sale, and decided to choose the pattern that best suited the behavior and look of the eyelet. I chose New Look 6785, which contains a few top options, all showcasing the current trend of a round neckline and center front gathers. Not too full, and with different sleeve, tunic, and dress options (not to mention a pair of side zip pants), the pattern has a lot to offer.

I was a little concerned by the finished garment measurements printed on the pattern(can you say "maternity"?), so I did 2 sizes smaller than the envelope recommended. I made version B, shortened to length C, and without pockets. It stitched up quickly, and the instructions were easy to follow. No unnecessary notions or steps, although I did choose to use broadcloth rather than interfacing. I could have cut and sewn the whole thing in a day, but I never get the luxury of un-interruption...

I'm really happy with the finished product. It's a little snug in the shoulders, so I should've cut 1 size up, but I'll definitely be making it up again. I may not look like Kate Hudson, but a black blouse like this will go with so many things in my closet!

Simplicity 3842
I grabbed this pattern back in the spring, and it just kept getting set aside for some reason. Such a shame, since this one's a keeper!!! I've already picked up the next cut of fabric for my next version.

I did version B, using a silky print from Joann's. The lower part is bias cut, while the upper parts aren't, and it has a really different construction for the "peek-a-boo" cami. Again, the pattern has a lot of ease built in, so I cut it 2 sizes smaller than the envelope recommended, and it fits perfectly. No need for the ties, I'll eliminate them on the next version. My only disappointment was the sleeve length seems to be shorter than the illustration shows. I expected a slightly longer, more drapy kimono sleeve, so I'll probably lengthen that a little on the next one.

I highly recommend this top, it's flattering, fashionable, and easy to construct! I'm especially fond of this fabric, and how easy it will be to pair with ivory and brown separates.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stash Projects 1 & 2

Simplicity 7030

Hubby has been waiting for me to make him something special (14 years, if you ask him!), so here is the first (of many) cotton shirt(s).

The pattern was great, I cut off the sleeves after he saw how the project was progressing and asked, "Can you make it short-sleeved so I can wear it sooner?" I adjusted the shirt length and sleeve length to his liking, and used a bargain cotton from JoAnn's for this "muslin". I will definitely be making this pattern again, the instructions were easy to follow, and the fit is good (chest/waist measurements were accurate). 2 yards of stash gone...

Vogue 8080

This is the second time making this pattern, and I don't think I'll do it again. There's way too much ease built in, and even after making the smaller size, it's still roomier than I would like. It's easy, doesn't require much fabric, hardly any notions, and was a one-nighter project. The fabric was a couple of remnants from JoAnn's (one for the front, one for the back), and I love batiks, so it's one reason I like this shirt. The biggest change I made was that the pattern called for 2 pieces of front and 2 pieces of back, and it ends up being lined, but I wanted a light and cool top, so I used 1 layer, and bias tape to finish the edges. I also used a strip of elastic on the back to keep covered-up. Another yard and a half of stash gone...

Parting Shot

Miss D had a birthday this weekend, and you'll never guess what I bought for her...

It's just a $20 Singer toy from JoAnn's, but it really does work! It can either chain-stitch or zig-zag, and runs on 2 D batteries. She has free-reign over my scrap bag, so we'll see what the future diva creates!