Wednesday, June 15, 2011


It's been weeks since I posted, but I have a good excuse. It's a combination of too busy and too confused.

Too busy wrapping up the school year, reviewing a semester's worth of material is quite exhausting! Preparing the final exam and getting everything graded, and packing up the classroom for the summer... I am so tired when I get home! Next week I wil finally be free Nd clear, and with 3 more weddings to attend this summer, I have good reason to get busy in the sewing room!

Now for the confused part... I suspect that my prom dress client may not have been as thrilled with the dress as I hoped. I have requested pictures 3 times, but haven't gotten anything. All I have are the pictures that I found on Facebook, which were posted by her friends.

The front gathers don't look quite right, but they looked perfect to me when I delivered the dress. My gut says something is wrong, which bothers me, as I really want the girls to love their dresses and be excited to share pictures. This negative vibe has left me feeling bummed out and... confused. Meanwhile, I have 2 girls that have already secured my services for Prom next year!

Hopefully I am wrong. If I do receive the pictures, I will share them with you right away. See you next week!