Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Treasure

"When someone you love becomes a memory,
that memory becomes a treasure."

This Mother's Day, I find myself in deep reflection, as it is my first since Mom died. There's so much to say, I don't know where to start. I miss her laugh, and watching her do the weekend crossword puzzle. I miss her advice, and laughing as she made my kids laugh. I miss her hugs, and seeing the multiple bookmarks in her stack of books so she would know when she was more than halfway through a novel. I miss her praise, and seeing the pride in her eyes when I would tell her about my students, or "monsters" as she referred to them. I miss everything about her, even the stupid oxygen hose that ran throughout the house, a path to follow to find her when you entered.

She taught me so much. How to cut out a pattern using the least amount of fabric. How to make Thanksgiving stuffing. How to show up for every school play, show, or ceremony. How to always leave the house wearing lipstick. How to be a good wife. How to make a commitment, be responsible, and keep your word. How to treasure family. How to love your children. How to shoot pool. How to be a good listener.

Mom was a miracle, healed by the venerable Fr. Solanus when she was 9 months old and was failing to thrive. She believed in angels, collecting figurines, wearing them as reminders, carrying them in her purse. Today as I was shopping in Target, I saw a display of angels in various forms as Mother's Day gifts. I looked closely for the right one, and found a snowglobe with the wording, "When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure." I treasure my memories of Mom, and know that she's watching over all of us daily. I know in my heart that she's still with us, and while I can't have a conversation with her or hold her, she is very aware of our daily trials, tribulations, and victories. She's cheering for us, laughing with us, keeping us safe, and smiling.

My mother's day gift this year was a garden statue of two children, a girl and younger boy seated on a bench, sharing a book. I cried when my husband gave it to me, because it reminds me of my children and I know how much Mom would've loved it. Another reminder of one more thing she instilled in us: a love of books. Knowing that my kids love to read reminds me that I can pass along the treasures Mom gave me, and hopefully someday my kids will be able to say I've taught them as well as my Mom taught me.

Happy Mother's Day to all.


Bunny said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She certainly gave you so much. My Mom and your Mom are both no longer tethered to their oxygen. I am sure they are in a better place. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks, bunny. I was hoping you would see my story. It was hard for me to sew soon after she died, but then it became a therapeutic way for me to honor her memory, and all she taught me about my passion for sewing. Yes, knowing that she is free of the oxygen is the most soothing notion...

annette said...

Ok, I'm not sure if I should be reading your blogs... ;)
I am an emotional basket case already, I am sitting here typing, barely able to see the screen through my tears!! But very touched to say the least - I miss her too.
Love Annie

Claire said...

"When someone you love becomes a memory,that memory becomes a treasure."
I love this message. My Mother is still with me, but I think of my Grandmother when I read that.