Friday, September 12, 2008

I waited too long...

Summer's Over... (sniff, sniff, sob)
This very sweet sundress is made of a cotton batik I purchased through the Fabrics and Notions Co-op through Yahoo Groups. There were so many projects already "on the table" when it arrived, it just had to sit and wait patiently, hoping I would get to it before the weather turned.

So, now I have a great red/fuschia/gold sundress with red piping for next spring (unless we get another Indian summer in October, like last year)!

The pattern is Simplicity (threads) 2926, and I chose it for the fitted high waist, pleated neckline (trendy!) and A-line skirt. View D was my guide, but I made many changes...mainly because I had 3 yards of 45" wide, while the pattern called for over 4 1/2 yds of 45" wide!

1. Shortened the skirt to knee length

2. Lined the skirt with broadcloth

3. Eliminated the center front seam by cutting the skirt front on the fold

4. Moved the zipper to the side, and made it invisible (really changed assembly)

I moved the zipper for two reasons: to be able to save fabric by placing center back on a fold, and to give the center back a clean, seamless look. What I didn't realize, was that this also screwed up the piping and assembly process, since I needed to leave the opposite side seam open for installation of the invisible zipper. It's also the first time I've ever worked with piping, and because the side were sewn after, the piping had to be cut and isn't quite perfectly matched in the side seams. I'm not worried about it, though, since I'm not off by much, and it under my arms (weak, I know...)

Eliminating the center front and back skirt seams wasn't as bad, I just had to check the matching seam of the waistband accordingly.

The entire dress is now lined, as the bodice already was, and then I added the skirt lining.

This dress may have a few flaws, but I learned a lot in making these changes and gained confidence in my skills. Now, if only the weather would cooperate...

Okay, if you're still reading, you deserve a funny story about this dress! I obviously really wanted to wear this at least once before next year, so I paired it with a red linen jacket, and walked into the kitchen before leaving for work.

DH: "Can I give you some constructive criticism?"
me: "Sure..." (holding my breath)
DH: "That outfit makes you look fat."
me: "What??? How??? (Removing the jacket) It couldn't be more fitted in the waist, and the top is right on!?"
DH: (pausing) "Oh... well, now without the jacket, it looks completely different. It's a really nice dress, and it does fit you perfectly."
me: mm hmmm.... (trying to be thankful that he won't let me leave the house looking fat)
DH: "Just don't wear it with that jacket..."
Two Weeks 'til the American Sewing Expo!!!
I'm just a little excited, can you tell? This will be my 2nd time at the show, and I'm signed up for some classes. One class is about working with leather, which I've never done but really want to do, and another class is about re-working denim with Project Runway Season 4 contestant Carmen Webber! Along with the amazing finds on the sales floor with the vendors, I can hardly wait!
Coming soon:
A corduroy jumper for the kindergartner, pj pants for DH, and gray dress slacks for myself.


Meg said...

Love that dress! My DH is generally oblivious to what I wear, so I think it's a good thing your DH could provide a little constructive criticism.

And be sure and post all about the American Sewing Expo. You'd think we'd have things like that here in NYC, but noooo...

Amanda S. said...

Love, love, love the dress! That fabric is awesome! Funny dress story, too. DH tells me little things like that all the time. I have a pretty thick skin about it. He told me my new black dress made my legs look fat. Excuse me?! Fortunately I thought he was wrong and just blew the comment off. The next day when I was all ready for church he decided he really likes it with heals. I want a sewing expo! Do they make a tour of the country and go to major cities?

Anonymous said...

I love the dress! The color is gorgeous. I think, I have the same pattern--next summer!
Where are you going for the expo? I think, Chicago is having a sewing show in Oct.---I am thinking but not sure how I can swing it! can't wait to hear about it!

Bunny said...

wow! Great dress! I think the changes you made really gave it a quality retail look. I bet getting rid of the CB and CF seams really made this more flattering. As far as hubbies, gotta love them. Generally mine is also oblivious to anything I wear. Sometimes thats a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm heading to the expo and a bit stoked myself! Hitting all the classes regarding fit, and designer elements and tricks. Hope we both learn tons and have fun. :)

angie.a said...

The dress is beautiful!

Lisa @ The Hem Line said...

Hi Kristine . . .
TAG your IT!
Visit my blog for details!

PS: LOVE the dress and that color! Very nice job!

Dawn said...

Totally cute neckline on this dress, btw.