Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere

That's where I've been in my sewing room... working on stuff here, there, and everywhere!
Here: Excited that my dressform arrived so quickly, so DH and I assembled her that night! Thank goodness for YouTube, because she didn't come with any instructions, and that's where we found the video showing how to assemble her!  I took some quilt batting and wrapped her waist and hips to match my measurements, which works great and didn't cost me a dime! Grabbed an old bra (of the right size) and filled it up to match my bust measurement, so now... she's matches me perfectly! And as I lose weight, I can unwrap the batting to slim her down.  (Bonus: my kids have had hours of fun with the big empty box. Sitting in it, drawing on it, standing it up... look, it's a boat!  It's an elevator!  It's a balance beam!)

I will say that seeing yourself first-hand is a very eye-opening experience.  Once I had her figure matching mine I thought, "Whoa.  Am I really that size?" (Or, "Man! Are my boobs really that big?") I'll just say that Bo has been a big "motivator" for me on the diet and exercise front this week!

There: Got lots of loose ends tied up in the sewing space in the last few days, with the end of the embroidered sweatshirts and a sweatervest that a colleague ordered.  I wore mine to work, and she loved it, asking if I could make her one in blues and purples.  I searched high and low for a lightweight, drapey sweaterknit in those colors, and found this one at Emma One Sock.  Having never ordered from her before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was wonderful.  Wish I had ordered twice as much to make one for myself!

It's the Vogue "Sandra Betzina" pattern (1124), and here is my version from about the fall of 2009.
It only takes a few hours to make, is basically a big rectangle with holes for arms, and requires zero fitting.  Perfect to make for someone else and earn some "fun money" while I'm at it!

Everywhere:  I made up my "wearable muslin" for the Vintage Sew Along and learned a couple of things.
1.  Don't grab coral linen in the winter.  It makes you yearn for spring very, very badly.
2.  Winging it through a vintage pattern is very, very different from winging it through a modern pattern.

The fit is nearly good, just about an inch too big in the waist.  But, boy oh boy, it is way too long! The picture above is with the hem allowance pinned up and it's still a few inches too long.  I've decided to shelf this just for a little while, since spring is a ways off and hopefully by then, Bo and I will be a closer match (without the batting)!  Seems silly to take it in twice, especially when the pocket placement will be effected.
Next Up:  The communion dress muslin needs to be made up, as I'm sure it will be April before I know it.  I've been playing with my train, strategizing the placement of the lace motifs, and decided that I want the big one on the center back to also be placed on the center back of her dress.  There's already a seam there, so I'm thinking I'll be able to open it up and place the zipper there still.  We'll see...


Big in Japan said...

Wow, you're on an unstoppable roll!

Giant cardboard boxes rule!

Marybeth said...

I like that sweater vest a lot... Very pretty colors! Your dress form looks really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing your next project :)))

Julia said...

great sweater vest. Love the fabric! I don't have a dress form. That's my excuse for not sewing for myself. I guess I should break down and get one. I would hate to see her size!

Myra said...

Congratulations on your new dressform! You're soooooo right, it makes a total difference seeing your "actual" self and a great motivator for diet/exercise!!!

BeeBee said...

Ohhh, I want a dress form. But not until I loose my winter weight - I really don't want to see what I really look like. Really don't.
The newest stash members are now posted in all their glory. Shopping is fun!

amber said...

Yay for getting the gal all set up! Love that vest, too.

Sharon Sews said...

You know, I had missed the part about the sweater vest in this post until you posted about the fabric on my blog! LOL - now I understand why you can recommend it first hand. I purchased mine locally at Treadle Yard Goods and it does have a gorgeous drape. It sure looks beautiful in that vest!

Ns said...

HA! I had that same WHOA reaction to my padded out dressform.