Sunday, January 22, 2012

ALERT: Fabric Enabler!

If you loved the lace wool I posted about the other day, here is the link to Haberman Fabrics in Royal Oak, Michigan where I bought it. There was plenty left on the bolt on Tuesday... If you call and ask if the ivory is still available, they will take your order over the phone and ship it to you.It was also available in a lime green under the black lace for the same price...

In my efforts to find some images of RTW sheath dresses and skirts of lace overlay, I found that Mood also sells this same exact fabric, in more colors! Grey, royal, pea, and I can't tell if it's white or the ivory I bought...

From the Mood website:
This is heavy weight boiled wool with a black lace laminate, making a reversible fabric.
Content: Nylon-15%, Viscose-50%, Wool-30%
Width: 57"
Price: $30/yd

From the Haberman's website:
A soft, medium weight boiled wool with black lace attached to one side.
Color(s): Lime Green, Black
Width: 56"
Fiber: 30% Wool, 50% Viscose, 15% Nylon
Care: Dry Clean
Recommended for: coating, dresses, handbags, jackets, skirts, totes
Price: $27.98/yd

Detailed descriptions are mandatory for me when buying (expensive) fabric online, and I find the differing opinions of medium or heavy weight interesting...

Thanks to all the responses on my last post, its so nice to know that I am not alone in talking/listening to the fabric!

I've definitely narrowed down my choices to skirt or dress, and am leaning toward dress. Making the most of the yardage I bought is important to me, although I did consider splitting it, keeping 3/4 yd for a skirt and selling 3/4 yd to one of you. Maybe.

Last question: When you are torn on how to use a fabric, how do you decide? Do you drape your dress form, like me? Do you search the Internet for similar images? Ask your Facebook friends?


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Listen to me, do NOT, and I emphatically state this...DO NOT share your wonderful piece of fabric. You have already done your fabricaholic duty of sharing your resource with us! *LOL* We can get our own. I can't wait to see what you finally decide to make with this. I'm sure that whatever it is it will be stunning.

Bunny said...

I don't get that feeling of being torn on what to do with a fabric. If I buy something without a specific design in mind I just put it aside. If I want to sew it right away, I put it in plain site where it is calling to me whenever I walk into the room. Then one day it hits me and I know what to do. If that day doesn't come, I fold it up to make room for the next great fabric I just found. I think this is how stashes get started.