Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Fantasy: Cobalt

Cobalt is a silvery, bluish-gray metal ore. But when cobalt salts and aluminum oxide are mixed you get a beautiful shade of blue.

Cobalt is soothing, peaceful, and can also suggest richness. Like azure, nature, stability, calmness are some of its qualities.
Herve Leger, Cobalt Dress Layton $2140
This color keeps catching my eye, and I keep finding myself searching online fabric stores for "cobalt" and "royal blue". There is something so luxe, sophisticated, and happy about it.  I'd definitely like to have more of it in my closet. While I know that a pretty sweater would do the trick, I'm thinking of a sheath dress, and found these images very inspirational...
 This one is a little too much for work, but would be wonderful for the next big special occasion. I think I'd omit the right short sleeve, though.
Oasis Cobalt Dress (Pinterest)
 I swear... my life does NOT match my wardrobe desires! I need a cocktail party to attend, people!

Julia Jordan Cobalt Dress (Pinterest)
 Ok, now this works for my life. I can see this with my nice black cashmere jacket over it, too!
I have a Vogue pattern (8280) very similar to this one. Classic lines, classic color... I think it's a good marraige!

For a trendier look, I could do a color-block dress. I stumbled across these images on Pinterest and was equally mesmerized...

Dorothy Perkins Cobalt and Navy Dress

What color has your creative juices flowing lately?

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