Thursday, October 2, 2014

Finale: Vogue 8946

"Mrs. B, I like your dress! Did you make it???" 

Here's the final look... I think I spoke too soon in saying, "Go ahead, use a woven... it'll be fine!"
You can see the drag lines across my shoulder... I think I'll remove the sleeves, and see if that helps. I can always put a jacket or sweater over it when the cooler weather arrives.
The inspiration garment.
You can see that there also pull lines in the back, too.  Nothing terrible, but enough for me to know... "The fabric recommendations are on the envelope for a reason!" Here's my previous post.

Other than that, I really like the pattern and am still happy with this version. I have some black ponte (with copper threads) that will make a wonderful holiday LBD, so I'll definitely be pulling this pattern out again.

It's 6:15am... A real smile is a challenge!


Lori said...

Your dress looks fabulous. I think the fit is very good and sometimes we see the things that are wrong instead of the things that are great. Your dress is just GREAT!

Bunny said...

Wonderful dress! This is a beautiful. I can't wait to see the copper threaded one!

Dawn said...

Hey look:

Vicki said...

Looks good. I wouldn't worry about the shoulder drag lines, the inspiration dress has that too :)

Nana said...

The dress looks great! I would not worry about the drag lines as long as the wearing is comfortable.

Gail said...

I've just looked at another version of the pattern in ponte, so looking forward to seeing yours in black/copper. Love the bi-directional pleating.

Vanessa said...

Very nice! I think you really channeled the inspiration dress well.