Monday, May 14, 2018

Riverdale Skater Dress

This plaid skater dress reminded us us something that Betty Cooper would wear at Pop's to share a milkshake with Jughead, so I'm calling it the Riverdale Skater Dress! It was inspired by the gray plaid dress shown, which she spotted on the Forever 21 website. I wasn't sure I could beat the $19 price tag, but since I was able to use everything I already owned, that makes my version FREE, right?! ;)

I was pretty surprised to find ZERO skater dress patterns in my cabinet, but I managed through the challenge... I used the top of Vogue 8949 and the bottom of Butterick 6019. I had to make some minor sizing adjustments (she's a petite 5'1") and of course, pockets had to be added!

I was a little concerned about marrying the top to the bottom, but simply removing an inch from the top of the circle skirt gave me the matching measurement to the waistband. I also removed the back darts to give her some more wearing ease... you'd never know!
The fabric is lovely linen that I bought years ago when I belonged to an online fabric co-op. I had about 3 yards of it, which was more than enough. It was very easy to work with, and I lined just the bodice so give a clean finish to the armholes and neckline.

It's got that "twirl factor", too! We were going to go to the malt shop for the photo shoot, but the weekend ended up being jam-packed and by Saturday afternoon I was too exhausted (party pooper).

I really hope that she wears it and enjoys it... it's so sweet and simple and feminine!
We have a funny coincidental tradition of me making her a blue and white dress in the spring... Every time she is a little bit older, a little more beautiful, and fills my heart a little bit more than before! I'll have to find the old pics to share next time.


Irene said...

Very, very pretty!

Nursebennett said...

I love that simple, feminine style and it looks great with sneakers, sandals or heels. Your daughter is lovely.

Andrew Kramer said...

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Sarah Taylor said...

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JDouglas said...

I can totally picture Betty Cooper rocking this dress at Pop's! The fact that you made it for free by using materials you already had is amazing. Thanks for sharing the steps you took to create this "clothing pattern"!