Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Simplicity 2683

Did you even notice my "repair work" on the back view? I will get better pictures Saturday with hair done and proper shoes, but for now... this will work!

Tonight I attached the skirt to the bodice, inserted the zipper, and fine-tuned the hem (tucking corners and trimming threads. The belt needs to be attached at the side seams, and the belt ends need to be finished, then this baby is finished. Or is it?

There's been talk of some gathered tulle under the hem, but I'm not sure if it's really going to happen. The (brief 2 hour) dance is Saturday afternoon (3 days away), and I don't have the tulle on-hand. I have a dozen knit caps to embroider for the local police department, and the golf team at school has 40 polo's and 20 caps for me to do, too. So, my feeling is... if there is time, I will make one. I can only do so much in 3 days, ya know?!

Not to mention that I have a whole new distraction to add to the mix. A little while back, I mentioned that DH wanted to splurge for my birthday and buy me a Kindle from Amazon. Well, it arrived today, and it is the absolute coolest thing I've ever owned. I took a couple pictures for you to see how small it is, and honestly... the screen really does look like a printed page.

Can you believe how thin it is? Just like hold a set of pattern instructions!

I haven't downloaded any titles yet, but just getting through the user's manual on it was enough to make my head spin (in a good way)! It's so light, and has a million features built in, like a dictionary, adjustable font size, and a small keyboard to write yourself notes (clippings) that you can save and refer back to. You can save many books on memory at the same time, so I'm not sure what I'll download first. Definitely a Jodi Picoult title... I've read all the Twilight books, so none of those...

What favorite books of yours should I look into?


Dawn said...

It's so cute! I don't think anyone will ever notice your "mess-up". We are our own worse critics.

Bunny said...

The dress is great! She will remember this special dress and special date with her dad for a long time. I hope you pack this up and keep for her somewhere. It is heirloom clothing in my book. Any garment that commemorates a special milestone or event really should be saved along with some notes on the event. She will thank you so much later.

Amanda S. said...

The dress turned out super cute!

Meg said...

Adorable! You totally pulled it off.

Keep us posted on how well you like the Kindle.

Ann Made Studio said...

Very very cute!
Well done :)

Susan said...

The dress is beautiful. Beyond cute, actually. Very rich colors.

angie.a said...

That dress is adorable!! Very sweet.

Have fun with the Kindle! I'd like to know more about it too so keep us posted!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

That dress is too cute. I noticed you live in Michigan. I live in Flint.