Sunday, February 8, 2009

Loose Ends

I have a bad sewing habit. When I get to the end of a project, the little finishing details bore me, so I put them aside and move onto a new project and a fresh piece of fabric. My sewing table was cluttered with three of these projects, so I spent Saturday finishing them.

Project 1: Pants from BWOF 06-2008-104
These poor pants have been waiting patiently for 3 little buttons since December! I used pattern #104 from June 2008 BWOF, with a few modifications. The fabric was too light for the weather (poly crepe from Joann's), so I lined these pants. I also eliminated the pockets and the belt loops. Part of the delay was my indecision of snaps vs. buttons, and then trying to decide on the right buttons. I ended up using some silver ones I found in my stash. I like the pattern, but it needs a little fit adjustment in the waist. I love the color, though (it matches this BWOF blouse so nicely). I'll make them again in a better fabric now that I know how the fit needs to be adjusted. This was the first pair of fly front pants I've made in a few years, so I really need to get better at this!
Project 2: Black Wool Skirt from 01-2009-128
I started this last month, and needed an invisible zipper to continue on with it. I was also a little intimidated by the attachment of the lining and the back vents, which is a really silly reason to get paralyzed on a project! So, I made a trip to Joann's and was able to finish the skirt Saturday. I love the fit, and although this pattern is made for a solid that topstitching will really show up on, I'm still happy with my version. I like how it looks with my Burda sweater, and there's another top I made to match it (just keep reading...) Really, it'll go with just about anything with all the colors in the wool. The fabric is a wool from Ressy's Co-op, and since I only needed a yard of the 2 I bought, I sent the rest to Dawn, who is sent me some awesome black stretch twill for some pants. I'm thinking I'll use it to make another version of the Project #1 pants. You can see in the picture below that I did okay matching up the white yarns and the double vents at the hem.

Project 3: The Prom Dress Muslin
I finished piecing the skirt, so I just need to baste in the bra cups, attach the bodice, and baste in a zipper. I've never used bra cups in a dress before (bizarre, I know), so I hope I do it correctly.

Last week, I threw this top together from BWOF 12-2008-113. I used some blue knit that's been in the stash for 3 or 4 years, and it was really very easy. I'll be making more of this pattern, it was so fast! The color is a perfect match for the skirt, but just a little too casual with this wool. Still a great shirt with the comfort of a t-shirt, but lots more style!
Word of warning: It runs big, so I made a size smaller than usual. Next time, I'll add cuff bands for a tighter fit in the forearms.

I have another UFO on the table from Christmas to finish, and the prom dress fitting. I'll keep you posted!


Dawn said...

Wow, I love, love, love that top outfit. That purple is great with your coloring. Actually I like all of the outfits but that's my favorite. That skirt is super cute. That's the one with the double back vent right? I might have to make that.

Meg said...

Congrats on finishing up your loose ends. That bouclé skirt is adorable.

Summerset said...

Great job on finishing up! You've got three new pieces - how fun. I love that skirt fabric.

Dana said...

I used to do the same thing "I just finished a top...well, except for the buttons, hem, and buttonholes." I have no idea how, but I seemed to have grown out of it.

My faves are the skirt and blue top!

Bunny said...

Doesn't it feel good to have your table clear and be ready to go on the next project? These outfits are really nice. The pants fit very nicely. Great job!