Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prom Season!

Hello, friends! I know that it's been a little while since I last posted. Prom season has been in full swing, with a number of alterations and a custom order!

The local prom shop has been sharing my contact information as a "seamstress" for doing alterations, so I've been hemming and repairing for the last few weeks. It's been very interesting, working with different fabrics and embellishments, finding solutions to achieve fit challenges other concerns.  I've replaced 3 zippers, added 2 modesty panels, hemmed 3 dresses, and raised a skirt to raise the hem. Check out the dress and you'll see why I had to go about it that way:

The custom order is for my niece, who lives in Utah. It was supposed to be for a family wedding this June, but she was asked to go to the Junior Prom, and asked if I could put a "rush" on her dress. Thankfully, the muslin was already done, mailed to Utah, and sent back right away with just a smidge to take in on the side seams. She wanted a white lace bodice with a flowy, chiffon skirt in light blue.

I found all the fabrics at Joann's, and the blue is the exact shade of "Tiffany & Co." blue. It needed some sparkle of embellishment, so I ordered the pearl trims from M&J Trimming online after consulting (texting pictures and messages) with my niece.
The braided band is 7/8" wide, and required a little hand-stitching to secure the ends of the beads before trimming it and attaching it to the dress! The thinner "daisy bead" trim is for the straps, and I used a length of folded white bias tape to attach the trim. It's exactly what she wanted, and I was able to play "fairy Godmother" for my niece, so we are all happy! It's getting shipped off to Utah in the morning, and I can't wait to see pics of her actually wearing it!


Linda T said...

Congrats on tackling that hemming project (cutting at waist project); don't know that I would have been that brave.

Your niece's dress is beautiful!

becki-c said...

You are brave for taking on prom! That hem looks quite tricky, congrats on doing it the right way, I bet it still wasn't fun.
I love the blue with the white lace, very cute!

meredithp said...

I too was going to mention that people who do RTW alterations are SO brave. Good call on the method of shortening that hemline. I hope you were well compensated. :-)

Beth said...

Wow...If the US ever has a show like the GB Sewing Bee you should apply. I bet your would win!!

Bunny said...

Just wonderin'...Have you found some of these expensive gowns poorly made, zippers barely sewn in, etc.? I sure have with the ones I have worked on lately. I know you will make yours all better before these young girls go to their big dance. Some that have been brought to me were begging for wardrobe malfunctions. Again, fast fashion rears its ugly head.

Your niece's gown is positively darling. I love the pearl braid on the waist, just wonderful.

Unknown said...

The prom shop said they get busted zippers a lot, and you know how fussy invisible zippers can be when the stitching is too close to the teeth. I'm definitely learning a lot about gown construction as I'm taking them apart and dissecting them!

Jean said...

What a beautiful dress! Your attention to detail is amazing, and the care you put into the dress really shows. I love that Tiffany blue! What a lucky niece!

Anonymous said...

Your neice is a lucky girl to have a gracious and talented aunt like you. I think you did a fantastic job -- so much nicer than buying off the rack.
You're very brave to take on those alteration/repair jobs with prom fabrics. I think alterations are difficult enough, but the fabrics are extra challenging.

Kyle said...

Gorgeous dress! Lucky niece!!

L said...