Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hoping you all have a wonderful day tomorrow (or weekend, for that matter!). DD made me some wonderful gifts (I shared one of the pictures with you last week) and I got another one yesterday...

Yes, I am 34 (well, 35... but who's counting?).
No, I am not 20 ft tall.
While I do like broccoli & carrots, I wouldn't call them my favorite (unless I'm trying to get the kids to try some... "Mmmmm, these vegetables are just delicious! Better than chocolate!")
You already know I love to sew (does my kid know me, or what?)
Yes, we do like to play (her favorite is "Shoe Store", when she is the clerk and I am the shopper, and she helps me try on my own shoes and then demands cash.)
...and Yes, I absolutely love her! She is funny, smart, stubborn, sensitive, silly, caring... a perfect mix of DH and I. Her brother is also a perfect mix of our genes, but possesses all the traits absent in DD. He sleeps in, she's an early riser. She likes egges, he hates them. She's blonde with brown eyes, he's brunette with blue eyes. I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful, healthy, happy kids, and that's gift enough for me. DH: are you reading this? No gifts tomorrow! NYC in 3 months!

Prom was Thursday night, and attending by 450 students. It was great to see all the kids dressed up, and I was really surprised by all the different styles of dresses. Short, long, solids, prints, fitted, ball gowns... and every color of the rainbow. Here are a few pictures of my dress on the girl, and it was very sweet of her date (also my student) to say, "Ms. B, she looks amazing. You did an awesome job on her dress."

As for me and sewing this weekend, I don't foresee much productivity. That evil sore throat bug made a U-turn, and found me! I'm heading to the pharmacy for an antibiotic and I'll probably just pre-wash some cottons for DH's spring/summer shirts and layout DD's next spring outfit. I'm feeling more like being horizontal today, than vertical! Did I mention that it's raining (again)???

Oh, one more thing... Did you watch "The Fashion Show" on Bravo Thursday night? I made it through the first half-hour, then fell asleep sitting up. I'm a die-hard Project Runway girl (own the first 4 seasons on DVD!), and just felt like I was cheating on my best friend. It's looks interesting (I'd never be able to make a little black dress out of a t-shirt!), but I'm not dying to see the next one. I'm really looking forward to August 20 and the 6th season of PR on Lifetime much more!
Hope you all have a great (productive) weekend!


Julia said...

She looks amazing in her dress! By the way, you look pretty darn good in yours from your last post.
What a sweet little DD! Don't you love it when they take the time to make something for you? They are THINKING about you when they do this.

gwensews said...

The young lady looks beuatiful in that dress, but I think you gave her some definite competition! Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your children.

Ann Made Studio said...

She looks awesome. You did a wonderful job on her dress :)

Tee said...

The prom gown is gorgeous! She really looks happy. As for The Fashion Show...I didn't love it. I watched it all and the designers were really weird. Some of them couldn't even sew. It is no Project Runway! I am a diehard fan and can't wait for it to come on Lifetime! I didn't know they were available on DVD. I'll have to check the site for them. Is that where you purchased them?

Tee said...

opps! Happy Mother's Day

Amanda S. said...

Great job on the dress! I love that color.

Michelle said...

Fantastic dress! You did an amazing job!

And have a happy Mother's Day! I am heading over to my grandmother's to celebrate with her in a bit.

Summerset said...

She looks fabulous! Great job and Happy Mother's Day.

Meg said...

Yes, Kristine, great job on the prom dress! It's nice to see it on the recipient.