Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ugh... Too busy to sew!

Sewing has been put on the back burner, while LIFE takes over.
1. My senior students last days are this week, so there are finals to grade. Tomorrow is the "Senior Walk" when they all parade through the school in cap & gown to the applause of the entire student body, teachers, and families. My favorite tradition at our school.
2. The remainder of the school year (4 weeks!) find me scurrying to finish covering the mandatory material, writing and grading another final exam, and packing up my classroom for the summer.
3. Memorial Day plans find us trying a new family tradition, but it's a secret for now... Trust me, it's big. I'll reveal all on Memorial Day!
4. I have to complete some "Continuing Education" credits for my employer, which means a few online classes and some brief essays or power-points to complete by mid-June. Yuck.
I'm thinking that I need to institute Summerset's 30-60 minute rule for the next few weeks, that way I can get the really important stuff done, and still keep my sanity. People (who don't sew) think it's weird when I say that I sew for relaxation, but they don't understand that I'm forced to focus on the task at hand, which pushes all the other crap/stress out of my head (temporarily). When I try to sew and think about life's stresses, that's when I make mistakes and it shows. Do you agree with my perspective of "why sewing is relaxing"?
On the table is DH's shirt, just needs side seams, a hem, and buttons. I really like the fabric a lot, both in color and weight, and know it will be a great shirt for the warm weather. The BWOF red silk dress pattern is all traced off, but the fabric needs to be cut. I've got until June 21st, so the 30-60 minute plan might actually be a good one for this deadline!
Hope you're all getting the fabulous weather we've got here. Nothin' but sunshine, supposed to be 80 tomorrow and 85 on Thursday!


Summerset said...

Ah yes, the end of the school year madness. I'm sure I don't miss this part of teaching.

Go for it with 30 minutes or however much you can spare per day! Get a kitchen timer and give yourself 30 minutes. You give everyone else time all day long - students, staff, children, husband, house. Give yourself 30 minutes to unwind and relax and do some sewing. Even if you don't sew a stitch, you can trace patterns, cut out fabric, wind bobbins, something, anything just to accomplish something and move forward with your goals.

Dawn said...

That's where I am right now too. We only have four DAYS left, not weeks! Good luck!

Bunny said...

I absolutely agree with why you find sewing relaxing. It puts me in the "zone" and everything else floats away.

Julia said...

How relieved I am not to be ending up a school year after so many years of the experience!! Blessings to you and the other teachers and students at your school.

gwensews said...

Sewing is my therapy. I need it like I need water. My DH has had such serious medical issues since 2002--very scary stuff. I calm my nerves with sewing. Gets my mind off of things.

Gail said...

I know exactly how you feel. Make sure that you enjoy the sewing that can get done.